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Welcome Back To Our Cape Cod Summer Favorites!

May 2nd, 2015 by Mike Cassels

Finally, we can say for sure that the AWFUL winter is behind us, and we can look ahead to a gorgeous Cape Cod summer. And on that note, we are delighted to welcome back some of our favorite eating places: Sesuit Harbor Cafe and the Mattakeese Wharf Restaurant, which both re-opened for the season on May 1st. Sesuit Harbor Cafe is situated right by Dennis Yacht Club and you order lobster roll  (or whatever elase takes your fancy) in the shack, then sit at picnic tables overlooking the inlet. You can watch sailing boats, fishing boats and power craft come and go (and maybe the odd shark too, as we saw a couple of years ago!) while relaxing in a perfect Cape Cod setting. Mattakeese Wharf Restaurant is located on Barnstable Harbor, where the Hyannis Whale Watcher leaves for 4-hour whale watching excursions to Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary. We often advise guests to go whale-watching, then follow up with dinner at Mattakeese Wharf, which has one of the best waterfront sunsets on Cape Cod.  The food and the cocktails are pretty great too!

Another favorite of our is the Edward Gorey House, which is located just around the corner from the inn, and which is now open for the season. It’s a great place to spend a couple of hours where you can totally lose yourself in another world of fantasy, art and poetry, all created by the genius hand of Edward Gorey (1925-2000). The house is where he lived until his death, after which it became a museum dedicated to Gorey’s life, work and passion for animal welfare.

Welcome back also to Steamship Authority’s fast ferry to Nantucket. Port to port in an hour flat, providing a perfect day trip while vacationing on Cape Cod. The list of summer re-openings could go on and on, but the only way to make sure you don’t miss out is to plan your trip now – hope to see you VERY soon!

Cape Cod New Year’s Eve Package At The Inn

November 13th, 2014 by Mike Cassels

061With the Holidays and New Year approaching fast we thought we should try to tempt you here for some “self-time” pampering to celebrate the arrival of 2015. We have put together a GREAT package, including dinner at the Old Yarmouth Inn, champagne and truffles. They say it’s the most wonderful time of the year, and we totally agree, with all the gorgeous lights, and of course if you come at New Year you will be able to take advantage of ALL the sales in Cape Cod’s wide array of stores. Relax at the inn in front of your fireplace, take in a movie in your room or have cocktails at one of the many wine bars and restaurants around.  Eat, drink and be merry at the Inn! Hope to see you soon!

Cape Cod Luxury Hotel Adds Roku For Its Guests 2014

July 17th, 2014 by Mike Cassels

Is this the first Cape Cod Luxury Hotel to add Roku for its guests? Maybe. If not, it is certainly among the first. Here at The Inn At Cape Cod, we add little luxuries for our guests every year, and this year is no exception.For anyone who wonders what on earth are we talking about, we need to explain a little, the benefits that our guests will enjoy this season at The Inn At Cape Cod.

A small receiver device, Roku 3, has been installed in each of our rooms and suites. This enables Media Streaming via the inn’s wifi from the internet, and access to a variety of entertainment, games, news and sports channels from around the globe. The main focus of the average viewer will undoubtedly be on movies and this is a category that Netflix dominates, boasting a collection of over 30,000 movies, TV series both old and current etc. Inn At Cape Cod’s guests will have access to all this in their rooms at no cost to them. We have been streaming a number of channels for more than a year now at our private house. They take the form of APPS requiring initial uploading and signing in. Some are completely free, while others such as Netflix require a monthly subscription. Netflix will serve up movies and TV shows which match your own taste, based upon a profile of your viewing history. The number of “channels” available is growing rapidly – there are, Roku claims, several hundred already and there is much more variety now compared with six months ago. The satellite and cable companies which  have dominated the market for so long are now looking anxiously in their rear view mirrors. Media streaming is also making our DVD library look decidedly “passe “. All our guest rooms will nevertheless continue to have DVD players for the moment at least.

We have continued to upgrade the size of our flat screen TVs in some of our rooms/suites. Two of our king suites, Plantation and Mayflower, now have 47 inch screens. The Plantation Suite’s seperate living room continues to have a second TV, but  this is now 26 inch. Our junior suite has now a second 32 inch screen in the seperate living room.

Our Cape Cod luxury hotel has just enhanced in-room entertainment for our guests in an extremely “cutting edge” way, making your upcoming stay with us all the more enjoyable. If, like many, you are a returning guest of The Inn At Cape Cod, you will notice many more changes, including our Flight Check-in Desk.

We have a little availability remaining for July and August. Those warm Indian summer days of September are less full …….for the moment at least. We would love to have you stay at our Cape Cod luxury hotel, and not just to enjoy the fabulous in-room entertainment, but also our attention to your every need that will make your Cape Cod adventure a memorable one.

Cape Cod in The Snow, The Spring & The Summer

February 18th, 2014 by Mike Cassels

061Well it sure has been a winter to remember here at the inn. Snow, snow and more snow seems to be the order of the day and Mike has become an expert (ex-pat) snow thrower and shoveler! But it is also very beautiful to look at from the warmth of your hearth, and any guests who have been here during the snow LOVE it! It also makes us think about the upcoming  season and how to make things better and different for our repeat (and new) guests. But we don’t want to give too much away except to say we hope not to disappoint!

We do have a great special running at the moment called “the early bird special”, which means you get discounted room rates for booking early in the year. Lots of guests take advantage of it, so why not take a look yourself? Click here to see all our specials and packages, including our Spring-fling and Whale-watching packages which are both very popular and also great value.

12062101_05We thought that a couple of lovely spring and summer shots would remind you of what is around the corner for us all. Roll on the spring!

Superstar Excitement At The Inn at Cape Cod

November 20th, 2013 by Mike Cassels

Wow – we finally made it to the big time! A recent “anonymous” guest turned out to be the gorgeous Kimberley Perry, the lead singer of the world-famous award-winning The Band Perry.

Helen, of course, was completely star-struck, whereas Mike just took it all in his stride. But what we were both struck with were the gracious and gentle natures of Kimberley, her mother and her grandmother, who all stayed at the inn for a well-earned break from the crazy routine of performances, world tours and TV appearances. A few days after they checked out we were able to see the band perform on the Country Music Awards, and we were blown away with them! Good luck to you, BP, and we hope to see you back at the inn some time very soon!

Cape Cod Restaurant Week October 14th – 20th 2013

October 13th, 2013 by Mike Cassels

Grilled fish served during cape cod restaurant weekRuth´s Chris Steak House

Cape Cod Restaurant Week October 14th – 20th 2013 is yet another good reason to spend a few days or next weekend on Cape Cod during this Fall season. What a rich vein of festivals there are to keep visitors and residents alike, entertained in between sampling the cuisine of several different restaurants with their enticing menus specially put together for Cape Cod Restaurant Week.

There are many quality restaurants participating in this eagerly anticipated bi-annual event. If you stay with us, you are within walking distance of 3 of the best restaurants on The Cape. Two of them, The Lyric and The Old Yarmouth Inn, are not to be missed, and we shall be trying both menus ourselves.

The fact that The Wellfleet Oyster Festival is on next weekend as well, there cannot be a more interesting culinary experience on the Cape Cod calendar. There are other local festivals underway including the Fall For The Arts Festival to keep you entertained. You may even be tempted by a couple of package deals that we are running at this time of year to give you an added value element to staying at Cape Cod’s mini White House. We have limited availability remaining in our luxury rooms and suites for this period, so don’t waste any time in booking your accommodation.

We cannot recall so much great food, rich culture and seasonal festivities during all those years we lived in London. Of course finding time is not always easy for a lot of people these days, but once you do you will enjoy every minute, and keep returning year after year. Why not make Cape Cod Restaurant Week that final irresistible reason to come to The Cape and Islands.

Cape Cod luxury boutique hotel in tranquil oasis of oustanding natural beauty

September 22nd, 2013 by Mike Cassels

cape cod luxury boutique hotel

Inn with the new. No Victoriana in sight!


A shame to remodel this one circa 1970

Our Cape Cod luxury boutique hotel creates a luxury yet understated environment in which our guests can find tranquility and privacy, yet be assured that our discreet personal attention to their needs is always close at hand. We do not have the “clutter” on table tops, lace curtains, golden cupids or ageing nylon flowers that adorned our Inn when we bought it almost seven years ago. All the Victoriana and ornateness in general have long since been banished.

The oppressively dark and damp rooms, full of sadly neglected antiques and artwork, now have a light and airy feel to them. The program of upgrading this magnificent and graceful building has been long and hard, yet richly rewarding for its owners. We and others who saw the challenge that confronted us in October 2006, can still remember back to the early days and weeks. Helen and I were overwhelmed at times – several times a day in fact – but the excitement of being in the USA and owning one of the most eye-catchingly beautiful buildings on Cape Cod, kept us going throughout. Doubts? Yes, we had them fairly frequently, but there was after all, only one direction we could go with the property, and that was upwards.


The Best Suite 2005

Those sad antiques have been professionally restored by the way, those at least that were worth the trouble. Besides, most pieces were far too somber and Victorian to have any place in our plans for the reborn Inn At Cape Cod. We soon found the answer to our quest for upscale, classic and stylish furniture and accessories…….. Ethan Allen. We have also sourced some contemporary pieces from Peach Tree Designs of Naples, Crate & Barrel and Pottery Barn. Our emphasis on the design of the Inn’s interior has always been on classic simplicity and comfort. We have endeavored to create a very relaxing but stylish ambience, never compromising on comfort and quality. If one is not careful, some popular contemporary pieces of furniture cross the line that sometimes exists between comfort and style ie style for style’s sake.

We believe that the grand southern plantation architecture of this great building both inside and out, helps to create a unique Cape Cod luxury boutique hotel. No website can convey the very special feel of the Inn, or so many guests tell us.

cape cod luxury boutique hotel

Best Suite 2013

As for the exterior, the work there has been extensive. From the brick paved terrace for summer breakfasts to the new deck furniture including a swing seat, from the garden benches and Adirondacks to the candle lanterns that glow so warmly around the property. New landscaping and a subtle color change for the exterior of the building have also been done.

We have not been able to change the location of The Inn At Cape Cod, but then who in their right mind would want to. Mid Cape, Cape Cod Bay, Old Kings Highway and little Yarmouth Port all add up to an enviable location. We must also mention the nature reserve that our landscaped 2.5 acres back onto, our close proximity to The Bay and Grays Boardwalk, Dennis Pond and beach, and three of the finest restaurants on The Cape. Museums, art galleries and antique stores are a short stroll from our Cape Cod luxury boutique hotel. We are only ten minutes from the Island ferries, airport and whale watching excursions, and in a fantastic central location for most of the main attractions.


The Great American Dream: The Inn At Cape Cod adventure has been every bit as good as we had dreamed

September 6th, 2013 by Mike Cassels

The Great American Dream in its true sense, is of course not applicable to our own modest little adventure, which we embarked upon in October 2005. President Obama, The First Lady Michelle and their delightful daughters, in our opinion, epitomize what this Great Dream is all about. There can be no better, indeed no higher illustration of achievement in the face of adversity – once again this is our perspective as guests of the US Government in the country we love so much.

Our great love affair with the USA began with a trip here in 1982, during which we delivered the cars of people and companies who did not want to drive them themselves, from East Coast to West Coast. This was our first experience of being on the road in this vast country, and we got to see places and meet people, that we would not have met as conventional tourists. We were very young but nonetheless already experienced adventurers in Australia and Europe. We had a very limited budget for this exciting first trip to the US and could afford little more than cheap motels, but even these had a fascination for us. We would get back on the road early each morning for a couple of hours before stopping for breakfast at a diner. The universal dreadful coffee aside – we always chuckled to ourselves every time we diplomatically turned down our waitress’s offer to top up our cups – breakfast time each day became an eagerly awaited treat.

Little did we know at the outset of this first great US adventure that we would have the privilege of owning and running a business in this great country in 2006, some 24 years later. Amongst our first impressions, as we stood having our prints and mug shots taken in the Boston office of Auto Drive Away all those years ago, was the excitement of a journey through many iconic place names on the map. We played a game of singing hits about the  famous places on or near our route. We recalled scenes from movies made around certain towns and cities. We had breakfast with the town sheriff in Lexington Nebraska – there are 18 Lexingtons in the USA. We had to pinch ourselves at times, just to see if we were dreaming. Our love affair with America had well and truly begun.

As the years passed, we made many trips back to the USA and on one such occasion we came down to spend a week at a friend’s summer house on Martha’s Vineyard. We had our first fleeting glimpse of Cape Cod as we drove down to pick up the ferry at Woods Hole.

It has always been like coming home for us, so to come here from Mediterranean Europe in late 2006 to a new home and business, was the start of our own little Great American Dream. And yes, even now after nearly seven years, we still pinch ourselves, although the sensation “are we really here” almost always occurs when we are “off-Cape”, and that “point your car and go” feeling we had in that seedy ADA office in the back streets of Boston all those years ago, returns.

God Bless America and the American people, especially those who have been so welcoming here in New England. The Great American Dream continues at the Inn At Cape Cod……………Well for as long as this great President will have us, that is!


A Luxury Cape Cod Hotel in Cape and Islands September paradise

August 28th, 2013 by Mike Cassels

luxury cape cod hotel

No better time to visit Cape Cod than September

A Luxury Cape Cod hotel, is that what you are searching for? And you had September in mind for your visit to Cape Cod and The Islands? Well you have chosen the optimum month historically as far as the climate here is concerned. Glorious late summer days with clear blue skies are on their way. The lines of people and frustrating traffic along Route 28 will disappear once Labor Day is over. Most restaurants, attractions, ice cream parlors etc remain open. What’s not to like about September on Cape Cod?

The beach car parks are rarely full once Labor Day is over and the water temperature remains decent for a swim in the ocean. There is no better time to visit either Martha’s Vineyard or Nantucket, and the 15 minute flight to Nantucket is even more attractive as a means of travel to the island. The views of both islands and the Cape can be breathtaking, and you can even book your flight back to coincide with a magnificent sunset.

The Old Yarmouth Inn next door to our luxury Cape Cod hotel, just 70 yards away, will still be serving up mouth watering seafood specials, including the stuffed lobster special that people seem to travel miles to get their hands on…… oh, I can assure you from my own experience that you will enjoy this one! This award winning restaurant never disappoints and has a great wine cellar, friendly staff and ghosts. But then what else would you expect from one of the oldest taverns in the U.S.

There are numerous exciting and mouth-watering events coming up in Cape Cod’s calendar, so you may want to plan your visit to take in one or two of these:

The Annual Cape Cod Bird Festival: Sept 13th, 14th & 15th

The44th Annual Bourne Scallop Fest: Sept.20th, 21st &22nd

The Barnstable Harvest Festival including The Second Annual Brew Fest: Sept 28th & 29th

The 5th Annual Fall For The Arts Festival: Sept 28th to October 31st

Nauset Lighthouse Tours: Sundays 1 – 4 pm thro Sept

Truro Highland Lighthouse: 7 days a week 10 am – 5.30 pm thro Oct 13th

Cape Cod Calendar of Sept 2013 Events

What a place Cape Cod is – there is always its rugged beauty, history and culture close at hand for visitors and lucky residents alike at any time of year. Come and join the Cape Cod appreciation club and see for yourself this September.

See New England Fall Colors from a luxury retreat on Cape Cod in 2013: so spectacular!

August 22nd, 2013 by Mike Cassels

new england fall colors

Cape Cod has Fall colors and so much more………

See New England Fall Colors from a luxury retreat on Cape Cod in 2013 and add another dimension to your vacation, with those extra delights that only Cape Cod can offer. New Englands’s Fall Colors are definitely reason enough to vacation here during sunny autumn days. However, very few places can match Cape Cod and The Islands for their rich diversity of things to do and see at this wonderful time of year.

Here on Cape Cod Bay, on the historic side of The Cape, unlike the Southern shore’s Route 28 which becomes a ghost town, there is a year round community and for most restaurants, shops and attractions, it is business as usual. The abundance of tall trees along the Old Kings Highway historic conservation belt, which follows the Cape Cod Bay shoreline, make this a great area for New England Fall Colors.

We are surrounded by the ocean, which makes a stunning vista with the pristine homes in beautiful pastel colors all along Cape Cod Bay. This is a very good time to visit Cape Cod. There are of course many beaches to walk along and you can still paddle with your pants rolled up on the warmer days in late October…… that can feel so good!

See New England Fall Colors, a small sample at least, from the Inn’s 2.5 acres of beautifully landscaped grounds with towering trees, which together with the trees in the adjoining wild life reserve, put on their own show for our guests of red, amber and gold. Our guests can read a book on the sun drenched terraces or on one of our many garden benches. Those late October evenings can be chilly enough for guests to appreciate the cosy fireplace in their room as well as the fires in the drawing room and library. What better than a romantic evening at one of our local fine restaurants, all within a short walk from our Inn, to provide a fitting end to another memorable day on Cape Cod.

In an effort to make up your mind for you, why not take advantage of one of our deals/packages, and see New England Fall Colors and so much more, for yourself.

The World is your Wellfleet OysterFest 2013; Cape Cod Package

August 17th, 2013 by Mike Cassels

wellfleet oysterfest 2013

The World is Your Oyster

Wellfleet OysterFest 2013 is coming up fast. I can feel the excitement out there! October 19th and 20th sees what will be the 13th Wellfleet Oyster Fest. Get in there early to make your plans if these include staying a night or two on Cape Cod. The Inn At Cape Cod will be offering an interesting package to our guests – but more of that in a minute.

Wellfleet OysterFest 2013 is a much lauded and eagerly awaited event on the Cape Cod calendar every year. It brings together hundreds of people, locals and visitors alike, for a weekend full of hometown flavor and big time fun. There is something for every one, from local cuisine, cooking demos and educational lectures to live music, arts and crafts, road races, walking tours……… and more. For me, well I shall be watching the annual Oyster Shuck-off Competition to get a few tips – it is not as easy as it looks.

Wellfleet Shellfish Promotion And Tasting, Inc.(SPAT) put on the Wellfleet Oysterfest 2013. Last year an estimated 25,000 people walked through festival entrances, donating $1 each. Proceeds from The Fest Fund are awarded by SPAT to grants for the Town educational programs.

This third weekend of October is a great weekend to take a break of 2 or 3 days in other respects, not

wellfleet oysterfest 2013

The Inn At Cape Cod offers a “World Is Your Oyster” 2013 package

least for the chance to see Cape Cod’s fall colours and enjoy the delights of The Historic District, which is where we come in. There is very  limited accommodation in sleepy Wellfleet, and what there is will be snapped up quickly. The big drawback to staying anywhere north of Eastham at that time of year is that so much has closed for the season, and it can feel like a ghost town. This is not the case from Orleans along Route 6A as far as Sandwich. We are located in the middle of this historic conservation area east to west and at the narrowest point north to south, making our location hard to beat. Within ten minutes you can be in Hyannis for shopping and even more restaurants.

So why not give Cape Cod a visit at this beautiful time of year, make a date to call into Wellfleet OysterFest 2013. Wellfleet is only 35 minutes away. We have luxury rooms and suites to offer you, all remodeled with stunning bathrooms, some with beautiful fireplaces. To mark this very special weekend, The Inn At Cape Cod is offering “The World is Your Oyster” 3 day package. Do not wait too long to make your reservation. CLICK HERE for details of what is included.


5 Star luxury Cape Cod Inn; 2 days without car to discover Cape treasures

August 4th, 2013 by Mike Cassels

5 star luxury cape cod inn

In a hurry to check into The Inn At Cape Cod circa 1830, Our first TA review followed.


A stay at our 5 star luxury Cape Cod Inn will reveal the treasures of charmingly understated Yarmouth Port and more. If you are looking to relax and have a day or two without the car, this may be the location for you. Whether you’re chilling out and recharging  your battery in between more adventurous days on The Islands and National Seashore, or taking an interesting and relaxing couple of days away from the “rat race”, whatever the plan, our fantastic location is ideal.

As well as having an incredibly helpful and comprehensive area guide to help guests, on our website, and educational DVDs available once they arrive, we have an orientation corner of the library comprising a large map for planning with for example, detailed analysis of the Island travel options. Pride of place is afforded to the many attractions in our seaside village.

Whilst most of our arrivals, who have not been to the area before, are focused on day trips to The Islands, Provincetown etc., with our help it does not take long for most to devote some time to enjoying their immediate surroundings. There is certainly a cache about the community in which we live, but we direct our guests to the many attractions which they might otherwise miss. So what exactly are we so proud of, that is within comfortable walking distance from our Inn  :

– Grays Beach & Boardwalk & Town boat ramp: 1.75 miles

– Old Wharf on the Bay: 0.8 mile

– Dennis Pond and Beach: 0.3 mile

– Historical Society’s Nature and Wild Life Reserve: adjoining Inn At Cape Cod’s gardens: 0.1 mile

5 star luxury cape cod inn

Explore the Ed Gorey Museum. A unique and daring insight to the great man’s work. Another YP treasure to feast your eyes upon

– The Edward Gorey House and Museum: 0.1 mile

– Captain Bangs Hallet’s House and Museum: 0.1 mile

– Captains Mile: 50 sea captains houses dating back to 17th Century: 0.0 mile

– The Fresh Paint Art Gallery: exhibits of six prominent artists: 0.1 mile

– Design Works antiques: 0.1 mile

Hallets Ice cream Parlor and museum: 0.1 mile

Barn & Co.: women’s apparel and accessories: 0.2 mile

– Gorham Cobblers Shoppe: 0.1 mile

– Kelley’s Chapel: 0.1 mile

Parnassus Old Book Store: 0.1 mile

– The Old Yarmouth Inn and Tavern c. 1697: 0.1 mile

– The Lyric Restaurant: 0.5 mile

– The Inaho Japanese Restaurant: 0.1 mile

……………………….and the list goes on!

I guess that even with this amazing list of attractions and things to do, I still cannot convey to you how wonderful this little place is. The feel of the place, its beauty, its history, its warmth…..well you will just have to see for yourself. At the same time, just take a look at us. The iconic building of which we are now proud owners, has been a corner stone of this New England community for nearly two centuries, becoming a hotel in 1830. The weary stage coach travelers were easily pleased and had very basic expectations as far as comfort was concerned. Amazingly, they managed to survive without TripAdvisor in those days…..hard to believe isn’t it?! So would The Inn At Cape Cod as it was in 1830, have been considered a 5 Star luxury Cape Cod Inn of the stage coach era?