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Welcome Back To Our Cape Cod Summer Favorites!

May 2nd, 2015 by Mike Cassels

Finally, we can say for sure that the AWFUL winter is behind us, and we can look ahead to a gorgeous Cape Cod summer. And on that note, we are delighted to welcome back some of our favorite eating places: Sesuit Harbor Cafe and the Mattakeese Wharf Restaurant, which both re-opened for the season on May 1st. Sesuit Harbor Cafe is situated right by Dennis Yacht Club and you order lobster roll  (or whatever elase takes your fancy) in the shack, then sit at picnic tables overlooking the inlet. You can watch sailing boats, fishing boats and power craft come and go (and maybe the odd shark too, as we saw a couple of years ago!) while relaxing in a perfect Cape Cod setting. Mattakeese Wharf Restaurant is located on Barnstable Harbor, where the Hyannis Whale Watcher leaves for 4-hour whale watching excursions to Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary. We often advise guests to go whale-watching, then follow up with dinner at Mattakeese Wharf, which has one of the best waterfront sunsets on Cape Cod.  The food and the cocktails are pretty great too!

Another favorite of our is the Edward Gorey House, which is located just around the corner from the inn, and which is now open for the season. It’s a great place to spend a couple of hours where you can totally lose yourself in another world of fantasy, art and poetry, all created by the genius hand of Edward Gorey (1925-2000). The house is where he lived until his death, after which it became a museum dedicated to Gorey’s life, work and passion for animal welfare.

Welcome back also to Steamship Authority’s fast ferry to Nantucket. Port to port in an hour flat, providing a perfect day trip while vacationing on Cape Cod. The list of summer re-openings could go on and on, but the only way to make sure you don’t miss out is to plan your trip now – hope to see you VERY soon!

Superstar Excitement At The Inn at Cape Cod

November 20th, 2013 by Mike Cassels

Wow – we finally made it to the big time! A recent “anonymous” guest turned out to be the gorgeous Kimberley Perry, the lead singer of the world-famous award-winning The Band Perry.

Helen, of course, was completely star-struck, whereas Mike just took it all in his stride. But what we were both struck with were the gracious and gentle natures of Kimberley, her mother and her grandmother, who all stayed at the inn for a well-earned break from the crazy routine of performances, world tours and TV appearances. A few days after they checked out we were able to see the band perform on the Country Music Awards, and we were blown away with them! Good luck to you, BP, and we hope to see you back at the inn some time very soon!

Cape Cod Restaurant Week October 14th – 20th 2013

October 13th, 2013 by Mike Cassels

Grilled fish served during cape cod restaurant weekRuth´s Chris Steak House

Cape Cod Restaurant Week October 14th – 20th 2013 is yet another good reason to spend a few days or next weekend on Cape Cod during this Fall season. What a rich vein of festivals there are to keep visitors and residents alike, entertained in between sampling the cuisine of several different restaurants with their enticing menus specially put together for Cape Cod Restaurant Week.

There are many quality restaurants participating in this eagerly anticipated bi-annual event. If you stay with us, you are within walking distance of 3 of the best restaurants on The Cape. Two of them, The Lyric and The Old Yarmouth Inn, are not to be missed, and we shall be trying both menus ourselves.

The fact that The Wellfleet Oyster Festival is on next weekend as well, there cannot be a more interesting culinary experience on the Cape Cod calendar. There are other local festivals underway including the Fall For The Arts Festival to keep you entertained. You may even be tempted by a couple of package deals that we are running at this time of year to give you an added value element to staying at Cape Cod’s mini White House. We have limited availability remaining in our luxury rooms and suites for this period, so don’t waste any time in booking your accommodation.

We cannot recall so much great food, rich culture and seasonal festivities during all those years we lived in London. Of course finding time is not always easy for a lot of people these days, but once you do you will enjoy every minute, and keep returning year after year. Why not make Cape Cod Restaurant Week that final irresistible reason to come to The Cape and Islands.

September On Cape Cod – There is no better time to visit for nature’s therapy

September 15th, 2012 by Mike Cassels

coney island bird manThe Great Outdoors has never been more enticing here on beautiful Cape Cod. For the next six weeks, you will no longer have to stand in line for your favorite ice cream nor find the beach car park full at 9.30 am. The kids are back to school and Route 28 is once again moving freely.

During all those years Helen and I spent living and working in London, we would get out of town as often as we could, to a country house hotel somewhere in the beautiful English countryside, where we could unwind a bit from the stress of our city life-style.  New Yorkers and Bostonians alike can so easily come to Cape Cod and the Islands for similar get-aways to de-tox and get their worries into perspective: if you like, a sort of therapy courtesy of Mother Nature. The English and Cape Cod landscapes are so similar – there is something quite soothing almost therapeutic, about them both. The Cape however, has that added dimension to it when you visit The National Seashore.  You need only stand on the cliff top at Marconi Beach for a few minutes to be mesmerised by it’s huge horizon.

Come and visit the Cape this Fall. Our location is second to none: the tranquility, beauty and historic environment of Cape Cod Bay takes some beating and yet our luxury bed and breakfast inn is so close to everything, and centrally placed to effortlessly explore the best this stunning area has to offer. In the hope you might choose to stay with us please visit the area pages on our website………..you’ll need no further convincing!


What and Where is Cape Cod?

April 3rd, 2012 by Mike Cassels

Massachusetts Coastline (NASA, International Space Station, 06/27/11)Cape Cod is a sixty eight miles long peninsular in Massachusetts, formed by a glacier, but now seperated from the mainland by a man-made canal, the Cape is now effectively an island in the south eastern corner of New England. From New York to Boston, it is often affectionately referred to as “The Cape”, as it is now a well known and fashionable destination both for weekend breaks and summer vacations.

 Technically,The Cape is one of the world’s largest barrier islands. There are more than 165 miles of some of the best beaches in the world, and it is possible even in July to find quiet stretches of beautiful white sands. It’s micro climate, maritime culture and historic villages make Cape Cod an all year round tourist destination. Visitors are also drawn by the bird and other wild life, and of course “whale watching“. The National Seashore, which comprises a conservation belt along most of the eastern  coastline, has an awesome beauty all of it’s own, and there are several Mass Audubon Reserves across The Cape that are a must for any nature lover.

One of the nicest areas to stay is in the historic district, the villages of Barnstable, Yarmouth Port and Dennis. They are all seaside communities, centrally located for easy access to the islands, whale watching, and many of the finest beaches and restaurants. There are also great opportunities for antiquing, gift shopping and visiting art galleries. This is the tranquil, leafy side of The Cape, especially in the summer when compared to the traffic jams which routinely plague Route 28 between Harwich and Falmouth.

Many travel companies and seasoned travellers alike, rate Cape Cod and The Islands as the number one attraction of New England, and indeed there may be no better introduction to the US for first time international visitors. Good travel itineries will always allow a minimum of 3 to 4 days in this breathtaking region, and if you are yet to get aquainted and need more convincing, just check out a sample of what you’ve been missing!



More News Of The Right Whales At Herring Cove, Cape Cod

March 24th, 2012 by Mike Cassels

The Right Whales return to Cape CodFollowing up on our recent blog, we have now been up twice to Provincetown to see the whales for ourselves, equiped with some decent binoculars. Our first attempt was only partially successful due to some less than perfect weather conditions. We did nonetheless see some glimpses of the Right Whales, enough to convince us to make a second trip when the conditions were much better.

It is around an hour’s drive to the northern most tip of Cape Cod from our Inn in Yarmouth Port, and we chose tuesday this week for our second trip. It was a warm sunny day (70 degrees) with only a slight breeze. So this time the water was like a millpond at Herring Cove.We walked a mile or more towards Race Point Lighthouse, all the time mesmerised by multiple sightings of whales about 200 to 300 yards from the shore. We heard the unmistakeable noise that whales make when they surface. There was so much activity it made us breathless with excitement……… tails, breaches, multiple whales. What a magnificent sight! We didn’t know where to look next – they were everywhere!

Although without question, these early spring days are perfect for whale watching from the shore, there is an element of luck involved in just how much you are going to see from one day to the next. However, there is a rich reward awaiting you, if you get that timing right.

All of our weekend guests were focused on seeing the whales, as we helped each couple to plan their day after this morning’s breakfast. We cannot wait to hear how they all got on at breakfast tomorrow.


New Terminal Opened At Cape Cod’s Airport

February 18th, 2012 by Mike Cassels

First Air 727-100Wow – we just had a tour of the new airport facility for Cape Cod, and we were really impressed with it. Great news is that you still have that nostalgic walk across the tarmac, but NO, you cannot fly to Sydney or Singapore direct! But all in all it is a great improvement, and offers travelers comfort and space, as well as refreshments and car rentals. Lots of tourist information will be available as well, so arrivals will get help if they haven’t already planned their stay.

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Whales Return To Cape Cod Waters

May 4th, 2011 by cassels

The Magnificent Right Whale

The Magnificent Right Whale in Cape Cod Bay

It’s so heartening to learn that the whale population is back in Cape Cod waters – it heralds the start of another wonderful summer season. Since the word got out last week of sightings all along the northen and eastern coasts of the Cape, our guests have taken the opportunity to drive along to see what it was all about  – and none came back disappointed! Even the rare Right Whales are back, in greater numbers than last year. That will be a huge relief for the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW), whose dedicated local staff and volunteers work tirelessly to protect and rescue these, and many other, marine creatures. But you don’t need to take the chance of not seeing the whales, just get yourself on an organised whale-watching excursion. Our local one, Hyannis Whale Watcher is just 10 minutes from the inn and they will start running on May 16, 2011. But if you can’t wait till then, why not take the Dolphin Fleet out of Provincetown,

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Cape Cod’s “Brewster in Bloom” – this weekend April 30 – May 2

April 27th, 2010 by cassels

We often talk about the wonders you can find along Cape Cod’s Route 6A, and this weekend (April 30 – May 2) you can enjoy the town of  Brewster’s celebration of the arrival of spring. Tulpen / TulipsBrewster in Bloom” is just a 20 minute drive from our bed and breakfast inn, and this 3-day event includes crafts and antiques fairs, a parade, a road race and open houses. 

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Discover the Cape Cod “whale trail” from our Inn

March 3rd, 2010 by cassels

Your adventures during your Cape Cod vacation this season may to some extent be influenced by the advice your innkeeper can give you.  Guests will quite often have preplanned their itinerary with or without this complimentary service, but may need just a gentle nudge in oneDSC_0006 direction or another to decide whether to go whale-watching, spend a day on the beach or perhaps visit Provincetown.  That help in deciding how best to spend the day may, as far as the whale-watching option is concerned, come from listening to the animated accounts from fellow guests who went whale-watching the previous day. This takes place over a leisurely breakfast, served on our terrace overlooking the Inn’s gardens.

Cape Cod is, after all, ranked in the top 10 whale encounter locations in the world. You may even catch sight of one or two from a suitable vantage point on the National Seashore. The Hyannis Whale Watch boat will take you out in comfort to Stellwagen Bank and provide an extremely knowledgeable commentary – yes you do need to take your camera! There is less need, though, for binoculars as some whale sightings will be close to the boat. You may even catch a rare glimpse of a right whale, which is currently one of the most endangered species. You are more likely to see humpback, minke and finback .

The twice-daily 4 hour excursions are ten minutes from our inn, and in our opinion they are the best. Particularly fitting is their sponsorship of IFAW, the International Fund for Animal Welfare, which does so much to preserve the whale population in New England amongst all its other commendable work across the globe. We hope you’ll find an hour to spare for IFAW’s visitor’s centre at the end of Summer Street in their new “green” international headquarters.

So the voyage of discovery continues with a day trip to the tiny island of Nantucket. Maddaket Harbor, Nantucket You will want to go there to see more than the Whaling Museum, but no there can be no more poignant a start to your visit than a look at this fascinating and clever illustration of whaling, which was after all, largely responsible for establishing the thriving settlement of Nantucket in the 17th and 18th centuries. The voyage of the Essex from Nantucket inspired Herman Melville’s story of Moby Dick, and there is often a guided tour of the museum during which you can hear the story of this ill-fated voyage.

If you are now casting your mind back to your whale watching trip, you will doubtless be grateful that whaling is something from the past – at least in this part of the world.

So, if all this appeals to you and you’re planning to spend a few days on the Cape this year, be sure to allow plenty of time to follow the “whale trail”. Why not make your Cape Cod visit even more memorable by staying with us, at our historic Bed and Breakfast Inn? Hope to see you soon!

Your Cape Cod base to see Southern New England

February 28th, 2010 by cassels

One of the most frequent comments from our short-stay guests here at The Inn is that they wished they hadn’t underestimated what there is to see and do in Cape Cod and the surrounding areas. They would love to have had longer than their (average) 3 nights, which only gave them 2 full days to explore.DSC_0274

Sometimes, however, we do have guests return the following season, after a brief taste on their first visit of what the Cape and Islands have to offer. It isn’t so simple, of course, for so many of our overseas visitors, who are planning a two week tour of New England, and have to decide on, and sometimes limit, the places they want to see. The nature of these tours means they are often “living out of a suitcase” for much of the time, which most people don’t really care for. So please think about this, those of you who are in the process of putting together a New England itinerary: perhaps you should consider making Cape Cod your base. It is not just a wonderful destination in its own right, but also a very convenient springboard for comfortable day trips to Newport, Boston, Plymouth & Providence.

You can very easily spend 5 or more days here, assuming you just visit the National Seashore, Provincetown, Chatham, both islands (allowing a day for each of these), then don’t forget, of course, to somehow squeeze in an unforgettable whale-watching excursion. Then factor in a trip to see the Newport Mansions, taking in the scenic cliff-walk, add a couple more of the aforementioned destinations, allow some time to relax locally on one of the gorgeous sandy beaches we are within walking distance of, or drive just a few minutes to choose between many more. So you can now see that a couple of days on Cape Cod is just not realistic, that is if you really want to make the most of your trip.

Tired of driving? Then leave your car in our private parking area for a couple of days and explore the botanical trails that our inn overlooks. Or visit the 2 museums on Yarmouth Port village green: The Edward Gorey House & Captain Bangs Hallets House & Museum, or simply gaze into a magnificent sunset from the romantic Gray’s Boardwalk. Fancy a dip? Stroll down to Dennis Pond, just 5 minutes walk from the inn, and cool off in this  freshwater lake, then sip a glass of wine sitting relaxing on the beach.DSC_0352

We are always delighted to help guests plan their stay with us, either prior to arrival, or each morning during our scrummy breakfast. Start your Cape Cod adventure right here – you won’t want to ever leave!

Simple Pleasures at our Bed and Breakfast in Cape Cod

August 14th, 2009 by cassels

Few things say “summer in New England” like Cape Cod. Miles of uninterrupted sandy beaches, acres of lush green landscape, and some of the most charming and picturesque towns in the country help make Cape Cod a special place indeed.

The ideal Cape Cod getaway means different things to different people, of course. Some folks like to be outside all day, from their morning stroll by the shore to their afternoon Quahog Shuffle (a fun way to call forth the clams from the deep). Some like the cool of antique shops, where they search for hidden treasure, while others prefer the collected treasures of museums. For some folks, it’s all about the food. Comfortable lodging at our Cape Cod bed and breakfast is a good place to start – from here, you will have time to explore Cape Cod your way, at your leisure.

We love that there is so much to do here without getting in a car. We walk to the tavern at Old Yarmouth Inn for a meal or a glass of refreshment. We stroll through the nature trails on our grounds and the adjacent nature preserve. We walk to the Edward Gorey House and Museum (nothing brightens the day like the Gashycrumb Tinies, after all), and when we need a book, we cross the street to Parnassus Book Store. It is a peaceful life we lead at our Bed and Breakfast in Cape Cod, and we enjoy sharing that life with our guests.