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Inn at Cape Cod

New Terminal Opened At Cape Cod’s Airport

First Air 727-100Wow – we just had a tour of the new airport facility for Cape Cod, and we were really impressed with it. Great news is that you still have that nostalgic walk across the tarmac, but NO, you cannot fly to Sydney or Singapore direct! But all in all it is a great improvement, and offers travelers comfort and space, as well as refreshments and car rentals. Lots of tourist information will be available as well, so arrivals will get help if they haven’t already planned their stay.We use this airport to fly to Nanucket when we get the chance – the views are spectacular and this scenic flight takes only 15 minutes. You can use Island Air , Cape Air or Nantucket Airlines for your flight, and some of these lines also fly further afield, including to Boston. The airport is also trying to get  flights to La Guardia, New York, which would be just fantastic. Lots of our guests spend time in New York before coming to the Inn, and a direct flight to Cape Cod would save them heaps of precious vacation time, as we are located just 10 minutes drive from this new terminal. New Yorkers: hope to see you soon – in the meantime, you can take the 4 hour road trip instead to Cape Cod!

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