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Upscale Cape Cod hotels in a near perfect paradise

July 26th, 2013 by Mike Cassels

upscale cape cod hotels

Paradise with 360 degree ocean view, but no restaurants

Upscale Cape Cod hotels in a near perfect paradise,  can really be found on the Cape, if you are prepared to pay the room prices they charge. These large hotels/resorts can probably be counted on two hands with a finger or two to spare. We are great admirers of both The Wequasset Resort on Pleasant Bay and Chatham Bars Inn in Chatham. We like to dine at both of these from time to time, and Christmas Day lunch at Chatham Bars is a most enjoyable affair – we go every year! And of course 28, Atlantic at The Wequasset  is one of the very best restaurants with a beautiful setting. In our opinion highly recommended.

What are these two fine resorts like to stay at I wonder? Well I would imagine that they would both be fantastic in most respects. Do not be put off by the sight of one or two 1 and 2 star reviews. The better and more upscale the property, the more you are likely to see spiteful reviews  from a tiny number of travelers who like nothing better than to snipe away at honest, well earned reputations over nothing at all. “We even had to pay for a bottle of water” they say. Make no mistake, these are fabulous places to stay and even better when you can splash out on an ocean view suite…. and of course the normal rationale applies, that generally guests that are accustomed to this level of accommodation, do not blink at having to pay for everything including spring water, in hotels across the world.

The perception of value for money is an interesting one that may vary from one individual to another. When you make that evaluation, you might

consider location, view, amenities, pool, breakfast, restaurants, service, concierge, relaxation and so on. I personally could not stay at either of these two aforementioned  great resorts without choosing a room with an ocean view. So in a way I would be prepared to pay a premium for that privilege and consider it value for money.

However when it comes down to it, we like the vast majority of upscale Cape Cod hotels and inns, do not have ocean views – the views of Cape Cod Bay that our Inn originally had for its first 135 years, disappeared gradually around the 1950s when the trees between the Inn and the bay had grown high enough to obscure the view (according to our neighbor). It is genuinely difficult to think of any historic buildings on the water on Cape Cod. We do not have a pool either. However we like other upscale Cape Cod hotels and inns, offer striking value for money with our location, cuisine, personal service, bespoke concierge, proximity to several fine restaurants, tranquility and quality of life. It is difficult for a large resort to provide that personal touch we pride ourselves on, or the same attention to detail that we can. We and our staff will quite simply pamper our guests, from the moment they arrive, but only those  who want to be pampered I hasten to add.

So we would like to believe that we offer tremendous value for money, not “bang for the buck” though. There is a subtle difference. We should very much like to have the opportunity to prove it to you. We are confident that The Inn At Cape Cod experience will more than compensate for the absence of that ocean view. We have our very own slice of paradise to share with you. In the meantime I shall have to stop thinking about those wonderful rooms and suites at The Wequasset with gorgeous bay views, so stunning.


Looking for Hotels Cape Cod? Luxury, location and personal service matter to most visitors

July 11th, 2013 by Mike Cassels

hotels cape cod near the beach

we must be near the beach

Hotels Cape Cod? If you are searching for one, you will find the task of finding the one that suits you best, a difficult one. We often get feedback from guests, who say that they have spent hours even days searching the internet. Cape Cod is a very large area with something in the region of 500 hotels, inns and bed & breakfasts. There are also some very big resorts amongst these. The areas to choose from have many of the same advantages and disadvantages, but it can become a confusing muddle of  different towns and beaches.

Much the same broad criteria is used in the first tier of this search: budget, water view, proximity to beaches and restaurants, distance to island ferries and sightseeing, and so forth. The most difficult step in this exhaustive process, is to hone down the search to just a handful of options, and of course at this stage checking availability may rule out one or two options. Sooner or later during the process, most would be visitors have to decide what they are prepared to compromise on. If you find one or two properties that meet your criteria in full, you are indeed fortunate, and are in the minority. Let’s face it, for most people something has to give, and it becomes a question of deciding what is most important to you. The answer may vary from one individual to another.

The hotels Cape Cod that are actually on the beach are few in number and understandably fill up quickly, have

hotels cape cod near the beach

we need the car to carry all this stuff

longer minimum stays and are often unaffordable. So for many, “it must be on the water” becomes: “well a ten minute walk is okay” becomes in some cases: “a ten minute drive, we need to load up all our beach gear into something anyway”.

“We not only need to be able to walk to the ocean, but also to good restaurants, museums, art galleries and nature trails……. oh and we want somewhere close to the main sightseeing, the Island ferries and the whale-watching excursions. Is it too much to ask that this dream location is in a tranquil setting, away from the Route 28 traffic, somewhere that is serene and luxurious, with good personal service?” No it is not too much to ask, but just remember that our inn is not on the beach, not in Provincetown and not in Chatham I think we can meet most of your other criteria though. Happy hunting!



Luxury Cape Cod Hotel in tranquil, central location for sightseeing

July 2nd, 2013 by Mike Cassels

luxury cape cod hotel in great location

Five Miles From Fast Ferries To Nantucket And Martha’s Vineyard

A luxury Cape Cod Hotel in a tranquil, central location for sightseeing? A large number of our guests have chosen our Inn with those criteria in mind. They want to combine a peaceful environment with a convenient base for their Cape Cod adventures. In reality, they can be relaxing on our swing seat on our magnificent front porch one minute, and yet be sitting on an Island Fast Ferry just 25 un-rushed minutes later.

The leafy picturesque seaside communities along Cape Cod Bay are all part of Cape Cod’s historic conservation area, named The Old Kings Highway. Every one of the six villages along Route 6A is tranquil and positively charming. There are fewer vacationers and therefore less road traffic on this northern shore of Cape Cod. The mood is decidedly more gentle and relaxing than the southern shore especially along Route 28, which is heaving with hordes of vacationers during July and August.

The villages of Barnstaple, Yarmouth Port and Dennis are quite simply the Cape’s glorious little jewels, each one tastefully understated and beckoning the visitor to explore its hidden charms. there is warm and safer swimming at the many sandy beaches, plenty of cultural delights, old bookstores, antique shops, art galleries and of course a great selection of some of the best restaurants on Cape Cod.

You can mix up the more restful days of your vacation spent enjoying all this serenity, with your days exploring further afield. And this is where the central location of Yarmouth Port in particular, comes in handy. The fastest routes to both Marthas Vineyard and Nantucket are a mere 12 minute drive away, whether your contemplating flying or taking the fast ferries. Thinking of adding a whale watching excursion to your plans? Why go all the way to Provincetown, when you have the only other WW on The Cape only ten minutes away. 25 minutes scenic drive, meandering  along Route 6A, takes you effortlessly to The National Seashore.

When it is time again to leave your car in the parking lot and have a more restful day again, the historic little village of Yarmouth Port has plenty to keep you amused including the beach, boardwalk, 100 acres of nature trails, freshwater lake and beach, two fascinating museums, old bookstore, art gallery and not to forget the fifty historic sea captains houses ( a self guided tour is available ).

If you want to try a different beach each day of your vacation – it has happened – you can add some of the south shore beaches to your list of possibilities. Because of our luxury Cape Cod hotel’s location at the narrowest part of The Cape north to south, you can be on any one of around eight more fabulous beaches within a twenty minute drive.

Perhaps we have now won you over a little, to the idea of making our luxury Cape Cod hotel your base from which to explore this magical land. Highlighting our amazing location, the beauty of the building and its grounds is the easy part – after all, you can see this from our website for yourself. It is impossible however, to convey the restful ambience that you will feel the moment you arrive, or the serenity which will help you unwind and relax during your stay…………………….are you ready for all this? Because we are ready and waiting for you in a luxury Cape Cod hotel with a difference!

Cape Cod vacation? Plan It beforehand to allow yourself enough time.

June 25th, 2013 by Mike Cassels

Cape Cod vacation near the beach

near the beach!

Contemplating a Cape Cod vacation? Plan it beforehand to allow yourself enough time. It happens often enough through the year, that guests only leave themselves one day on Cape Cod to see the sights. A two or even three night stay is never going to be enough for first time visitors, many of whom have underestimated the enormity of what the Cape and Islands have to offer. “We wish we had known it was such a beautiful place…..and so much to see”. Words to that effect are heard all too often.

A bit of research before you arrive for your Cape cod vacation is a good investment, but that requires a little time that most of us have so very little of these days. Guide books are good, but all too often information has been taken from the internet anyway and it is out of date very quickly. However, an exceptional guide book and one that we use, is Kim Grant’s “Cape Cod An Explorer’s Guide”. The Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce and The Cape Cod Travel Guide both have websites worth a visit. Just by googling “where and what is Cape Cod” is a good starting point in the education process.

There are now so many review sites, you can always get several opinions on one area to stay versus another. Likewise with your selection of where to stay, having defined the things that are important to you first and the  one or two things you might compromise upon. TripAdvisor is now almost a household name and theoretically an honest authentic review from a like minded traveler can be useful. Fake reviews? Apparently a significant percentage of traveler reviews on these sort of websites are coerced with incentives or worse still,  are completely fake. We read all over the internet these days about Reputation Management Companies who it is said, pay people to post glowing accolades disguised as the real thing to boost their clients’ popularity ratings. There is an abundance of advice on the internet telling us how to spot a hotel that may have cheated – they generally point to four basic signals: an inordinate number of 5 Star reviews disproportionate to the hotel’s number of rooms and the period over which they have been written; a sameness in the way the reviews are written; an over articulation of all the hotels plus points; and finally, an overloading of superlatives in the text. You can make your own mind up on this prognosis – from where we are sitting, we sense there may be some truth behind it, so at the very least we read between the lines of any reviews that we read on our own travels. Of course, much of this online debate would presumably disappear if only these review sites would put their resources  towards the introduction of a credible review verification process. Until then tread cautiously!

Turning back to the ways in which you can do your own research to help you discover The Cape and Islands so you can get an idea of how many days to allow for your Cape Cod vacation. There is a new Cape Cod App available, beautifully put together by that same travel writer I have already mentioned, Kim Grant: “Cape Cod Travel Essentials”. The Cape Cod Chamber has also launched a very useful App for visitors who want to create their own Arts Trail.

Cape Cod vacation in our grounds

In the shade of our 300 year old Eastern Cottonwood

Finally, you cannot go wrong with a click on our navigation bar where it says “Cape Cod“. There you can find categorized information from dining to beaches and golf to museums. You name it and we have probably included it. There are inter-active maps covering each category, and an Event Calendar. Please make use of it and you will appreciate the work and attention to detail that went into putting it together.  We employ the same meticulous approach in pampering our wonderful guests – are you ready to become one? Relax on an Adirondack in the shade of our 300 year old Eastern Cottonwood and sip your wine while you contemplate your next Cape Cod adventure.


Vacation Time Is Precious – Let Us Help Maximise Your Enjoyment Of Cape Cod And Islands

May 12th, 2013 by Mike Cassels

Map of Cape Cod and vicinity“Americans work hard and play hard”. Or at least, so the saying goes on the other side of the Pond. No seriously, this is meant as a compliment, and it is easy to explain, at least that is, from our British perspective. The average American works a lot more hours a week than his counterpart in Europe, but has a fraction of the vacation time each year – something in the region of 35 per cent or less.

My theory is that the average American has therefore become very savy in getting the most out of his treasured vacation time, trying to maximise his and his family’s quality time together. That is where we come in. Rather than waste precious time often making the wrong choices for day trips, restaurants and the like, most of our guests take advantage of the unlimited concierge service that we provide. Around 90 per cent of our American and 70 per cent of our European visitors make the most of this unlimited complimentary feature of their stay at The Inn At Cape Cod. We think nothing of arranging everything for some guests, and people who have never come across this level of personal service, quickly embrace the concept.

We are so delighted to get very happy animated feedback from guests for whom we recommended say a restaurant for a very special occasion often procuring them the best table. This feedback often happens during breakfast the following day.

So why not put us to the test this summer and sample our own brand of 5-star luxury. Let us pamper to your every need and help arrange your Cape Cod adventures. You will treasure sweet memories of your vacation for years to come.



What and Where is Cape Cod?

April 3rd, 2012 by Mike Cassels

Massachusetts Coastline (NASA, International Space Station, 06/27/11)Cape Cod is a sixty eight miles long peninsular in Massachusetts, formed by a glacier, but now seperated from the mainland by a man-made canal, the Cape is now effectively an island in the south eastern corner of New England. From New York to Boston, it is often affectionately referred to as “The Cape”, as it is now a well known and fashionable destination both for weekend breaks and summer vacations.

 Technically,The Cape is one of the world’s largest barrier islands. There are more than 165 miles of some of the best beaches in the world, and it is possible even in July to find quiet stretches of beautiful white sands. It’s micro climate, maritime culture and historic villages make Cape Cod an all year round tourist destination. Visitors are also drawn by the bird and other wild life, and of course “whale watching“. The National Seashore, which comprises a conservation belt along most of the eastern  coastline, has an awesome beauty all of it’s own, and there are several Mass Audubon Reserves across The Cape that are a must for any nature lover.

One of the nicest areas to stay is in the historic district, the villages of Barnstable, Yarmouth Port and Dennis. They are all seaside communities, centrally located for easy access to the islands, whale watching, and many of the finest beaches and restaurants. There are also great opportunities for antiquing, gift shopping and visiting art galleries. This is the tranquil, leafy side of The Cape, especially in the summer when compared to the traffic jams which routinely plague Route 28 between Harwich and Falmouth.

Many travel companies and seasoned travellers alike, rate Cape Cod and The Islands as the number one attraction of New England, and indeed there may be no better introduction to the US for first time international visitors. Good travel itineries will always allow a minimum of 3 to 4 days in this breathtaking region, and if you are yet to get aquainted and need more convincing, just check out a sample of what you’ve been missing!



Our Luxury Inn Is A Great Base For Your Cape Cod Adventure

March 11th, 2012 by Mike Cassels

walking on the beach at sunrise  - Cape CodOkay, let us assume that you are coming to Cape Cod for the first time this summer. One thing’s for sure, you’ll have a hard time deciding which area to stay in, as it can be so difficult doing the necessary research and then of course choosing your accomodation. We, like anyone else who lives Mid Cape on The Olde Kings Highway, can at least help make your decision making process a more informed one, so here are just a few advantages of staying for example, in our historic village of Yarmouth Port.

Tranquility, natural beauty and rich history can all be savored during any time spent here. Our guests can spend time away from their cars enjoying  Cape Cod Bay beaches, Grays Boardwalk, the old Wharf and the nature trails that abut our inn’s two acres of landscaped grounds.

The Inn At Cape Cod made an impact in local history as The Sears Hotel in the early 19th century, providing accomodation for weary stagecoach travellers. The village has more than fifty former sea captains houses as well as The Capt. Bangs Hallett’s museum to look at, and the Edward Gorey House Museum lies on the opposite side of the village green.

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