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Inn at Cape Cod

Upscale Cape Cod hotels in a near perfect paradise

upscale cape cod hotels

Paradise with 360 degree ocean view, but no restaurants

Upscale Cape Cod hotels in a near perfect paradise,  can really be found on the Cape, if you are prepared to pay the room prices they charge. These large hotels/resorts can probably be counted on two hands with a finger or two to spare. We are great admirers of both The Wequasset Resort on Pleasant Bay and Chatham Bars Inn in Chatham. We like to dine at both of these from time to time, and Christmas Day lunch at Chatham Bars is a most enjoyable affair – we go every year! And of course 28, Atlantic at The Wequasset  is one of the very best restaurants with a beautiful setting. In our opinion highly recommended.

What are these two fine resorts like to stay at I wonder? Well I would imagine that they would both be fantastic in most respects. Do not be put off by the sight of one or two 1 and 2 star reviews. The better and more upscale the property, the more you are likely to see spiteful reviews  from a tiny number of travelers who like nothing better than to snipe away at honest, well earned reputations over nothing at all. “We even had to pay for a bottle of water” they say. Make no mistake, these are fabulous places to stay and even better when you can splash out on an ocean view suite…. and of course the normal rationale applies, that generally guests that are accustomed to this level of accommodation, do not blink at having to pay for everything including spring water, in hotels across the world.

The perception of value for money is an interesting one that may vary from one individual to another. When you make that evaluation, you might

consider location, view, amenities, pool, breakfast, restaurants, service, concierge, relaxation and so on. I personally could not stay at either of these two aforementioned  great resorts without choosing a room with an ocean view. So in a way I would be prepared to pay a premium for that privilege and consider it value for money.

However when it comes down to it, we like the vast majority of upscale Cape Cod hotels and inns, do not have ocean views – the views of Cape Cod Bay that our Inn originally had for its first 135 years, disappeared gradually around the 1950s when the trees between the Inn and the bay had grown high enough to obscure the view (according to our neighbor). It is genuinely difficult to think of any historic buildings on the water on Cape Cod. We do not have a pool either. However we like other upscale Cape Cod hotels and inns, offer striking value for money with our location, cuisine, personal service, bespoke concierge, proximity to several fine restaurants, tranquility and quality of life. It is difficult for a large resort to provide that personal touch we pride ourselves on, or the same attention to detail that we can. We and our staff will quite simply pamper our guests, from the moment they arrive, but only those  who want to be pampered I hasten to add.

So we would like to believe that we offer tremendous value for money, not “bang for the buck” though. There is a subtle difference. We should very much like to have the opportunity to prove it to you. We are confident that The Inn At Cape Cod experience will more than compensate for the absence of that ocean view. We have our very own slice of paradise to share with you. In the meantime I shall have to stop thinking about those wonderful rooms and suites at The Wequasset with gorgeous bay views, so stunning.


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