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Inn at Cape Cod

Looking for Hotels Cape Cod? Luxury, location and personal service matter to most visitors

hotels cape cod near the beach

we must be near the beach

Hotels Cape Cod? If you are searching for one, you will find the task of finding the one that suits you best, a difficult one. We often get feedback from guests, who say that they have spent hours even days searching the internet. Cape Cod is a very large area with something in the region of 500 hotels, inns and bed & breakfasts. There are also some very big resorts amongst these. The areas to choose from have many of the same advantages and disadvantages, but it can become a confusing muddle of  different towns and beaches.

Much the same broad criteria is used in the first tier of this search: budget, water view, proximity to beaches and restaurants, distance to island ferries and sightseeing, and so forth. The most difficult step in this exhaustive process, is to hone down the search to just a handful of options, and of course at this stage checking availability may rule out one or two options. Sooner or later during the process, most would be visitors have to decide what they are prepared to compromise on. If you find one or two properties that meet your criteria in full, you are indeed fortunate, and are in the minority. Let’s face it, for most people something has to give, and it becomes a question of deciding what is most important to you. The answer may vary from one individual to another.

The hotels Cape Cod that are actually on the beach are few in number and understandably fill up quickly, have

hotels cape cod near the beach

we need the car to carry all this stuff

longer minimum stays and are often unaffordable. So for many, “it must be on the water” becomes: “well a ten minute walk is okay” becomes in some cases: “a ten minute drive, we need to load up all our beach gear into something anyway”.

“We not only need to be able to walk to the ocean, but also to good restaurants, museums, art galleries and nature trails……. oh and we want somewhere close to the main sightseeing, the Island ferries and the whale-watching excursions. Is it too much to ask that this dream location is in a tranquil setting, away from the Route 28 traffic, somewhere that is serene and luxurious, with good personal service?” No it is not too much to ask, but just remember that our inn is not on the beach, not in Provincetown and not in Chatham I think we can meet most of your other criteria though. Happy hunting!



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