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Inn at Cape Cod

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The Great American Dream: The Inn At Cape Cod adventure has been every bit as good as we had dreamed

September 6th, 2013 by Mike Cassels

The Great American Dream in its true sense, is of course not applicable to our own modest little adventure, which we embarked upon in October 2005. President Obama, The First Lady Michelle and their delightful daughters, in our opinion, epitomize what this Great Dream is all about. There can be no better, indeed no higher illustration of achievement in the face of adversity – once again this is our perspective as guests of the US Government in the country we love so much.

Our great love affair with the USA began with a trip here in 1982, during which we delivered the cars of people and companies who did not want to drive them themselves, from East Coast to West Coast. This was our first experience of being on the road in this vast country, and we got to see places and meet people, that we would not have met as conventional tourists. We were very young but nonetheless already experienced adventurers in Australia and Europe. We had a very limited budget for this exciting first trip to the US and could afford little more than cheap motels, but even these had a fascination for us. We would get back on the road early each morning for a couple of hours before stopping for breakfast at a diner. The universal dreadful coffee aside – we always chuckled to ourselves every time we diplomatically turned down our waitress’s offer to top up our cups – breakfast time each day became an eagerly awaited treat.

Little did we know at the outset of this first great US adventure that we would have the privilege of owning and running a business in this great country in 2006, some 24 years later. Amongst our first impressions, as we stood having our prints and mug shots taken in the Boston office of Auto Drive Away all those years ago, was the excitement of a journey through many iconic place names on the map. We played a game of singing hits about the  famous places on or near our route. We recalled scenes from movies made around certain towns and cities. We had breakfast with the town sheriff in Lexington Nebraska – there are 18 Lexingtons in the USA. We had to pinch ourselves at times, just to see if we were dreaming. Our love affair with America had well and truly begun.

As the years passed, we made many trips back to the USA and on one such occasion we came down to spend a week at a friend’s summer house on Martha’s Vineyard. We had our first fleeting glimpse of Cape Cod as we drove down to pick up the ferry at Woods Hole.

It has always been like coming home for us, so to come here from Mediterranean Europe in late 2006 to a new home and business, was the start of our own little Great American Dream. And yes, even now after nearly seven years, we still pinch ourselves, although the sensation “are we really here” almost always occurs when we are “off-Cape”, and that “point your car and go” feeling we had in that seedy ADA office in the back streets of Boston all those years ago, returns.

God Bless America and the American people, especially those who have been so welcoming here in New England. The Great American Dream continues at the Inn At Cape Cod……………Well for as long as this great President will have us, that is!