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Inn at Cape Cod

Cape Cod beaches:Cape Cod Bay reminds us of the Med.

No we are not kidding. Summer days on Cape Cod BayisraelER_0809_0350  can often give us the feeling that we are back in Mediteranean Europe, where we spent so many years before coming to the U.S.A. We look at the wonderful beaches that we and our guests can enjoy, there are six or seven Bay side within ten minutes of our inn, not to mention the same number again on the southern coastline within twenty minutes of our Summer Street tranquil retreat. We believe that Cape Cod Bay beaches seriously rival most Mediteranean beaches, and they are for the most part considerably less busy (photo shown is the Med, just in case you thought it was the Cape).

Why choose Cape Cod Bay for that beach vacation that so many of us crave this time of year? Well I guess it is a matter of personal preference, but here are one or two reasons which might just tip the balance in your decision making process this year on where to head for. The character of the ocean is notably different. The more rugged National Seashore has long straight beaches and crashing surf, while on most days, the Bay has gently lapping surf against all those beautiful and arguably more interesting white sandy beaches. They say the water is just that little bit warmer too, and when you are sticking that first toe in the ocean, it can make all the difference!

Getting to and from your favorite beach is much easier on this side of the Cape during those busy summer months, progress along Route 28 on the crowded southern side of Cape Cod can on the other hand, be measured in feet, not miles per hour. We love the cool leafy avenues back in the historic district – if you want to come off the beach and grab a bite you are never far from cafes or sandwich bars. Oh, and we must not forget our favorite homemade icecream parlor Smugglers in the heart of Dennis village.

If you are looking for a break from all that sun and something interesting to do, you can move freely along Route 6A until you spot what you are looking for. You may just prefer to come back to your little oasis here in Yarmouth Port – It may be time to find a book in our library and relax in the shade of our 300 year old Eastern Cottonwood, while we bring you some refreshments and Helen our pastry chef’s freshly made” cookies du jour”. You can contemplate your evening’s entertainment – it could be that we have already made a dinner reservation for you at a restaurant nearby, so no need to take the car – to round off a highly enjoyable day on Cape Cod Bay.

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