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Inn at Cape Cod

Cape Cod’s museums not just for rainy days?

DSC_0642 The average visitor to Cape Cod in the shoulder season will be likely to take in at least one museum during his or her stay. Even weekenders often find the time, and are well rewarded from what we hear of their experiences. It is perhaps  fair to say that the summer months do not drive as many tourists towards the museums as they should – with the warm weather come the many outdoor attractions that visitors to the Cape have to choose from.

We find that having two museums in our small village is a distinct bonus for our guests, who often take advantage of them to fill an hour here or there that they might have in between their more lengthy excursions. The Edward Gorey House brings fans from all over the world of course, and offers so much to visitors of any age. It shall remain a particular favorite of ours, it is worth a visit just to see Ombledrum the adopted cat, and the range of gifts,which has been beautifully and carefully put together. Edward Gorey’s will provided that the income from his estate, fund in perpetuity, organisations involved in the care and welfare of animals, and it is clear that every effort is being made to follow his wishes. The Gorey House actively supports a number of good causes, not least the International Fund for Animal Welfare, whose headquarters are in Yarmouth Port.

If there were two museums we would single out for an informative and highly enjoyable couple of hours they would be the Cape Cod Museum of Natural History in Brewster. There are some wonderful exhibits and a number of trails to explore on its 80 acre site. The Nantucket Whaling Museum would be the other. Please refer to our previous blog  about the Cape Cod whale trail

Finally, and dare we say it, away from Cape Cod, we would like to mention another museum that we have enjoyed for its originality. It is particularly relevant for guests who are looking for something interesting to see on their way to Boston’s Logan Airport – they often ask for a suggestion on how best to spend an hour or two, rather than sit at the airport. One suggestion is to visit the Kennedy Library, taking exit 14 off Route 93 and following the clearly marked signs which guide you the mile or so to the Library. It is located on the water front with a great back drop of the Boston skyline, which you can admire through this contemporary building’s enormous glass panels. Most overseas visitors know of the Cape Cod/Kennedy family connection, so this provides,regardless of their politics, a fitting final chapter to their Cape Cod vacation.

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