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Inn at Cape Cod

Spring Is Here On Cape Cod: Makes You Dream Of Days to Come

road_trip-9687.jpgSimian HWC#0453 Cape Cod HumpbackCape Cod sunsetWe just drove home along the beautiful historic Route 6a, and saw the first signs of spring: daffs popping up and carpets of  lilac colored lawns changed from green. It made us think of the days and months ahead when the weather becomes warm and conducive to outdoor living. We spend as much time as we possibly can by the ocean, with friends or just the two of us, eating lobster rolls from Sesuit Harbor Cafe or cones of home-made ice cream from Smugglers in Dennis. We just can’t wait for those heady days to come by once again. In the meantime, here are some photos to make you think of Cape Cod in the summer. Hope to see you soon! In the meantime, perhaps we can tempt you further with our “Spring Fling” package.

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