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Inn at Cape Cod

Presidents’ Day at Cape Cod’s “White House”

Mount Rushmore As non-Americans living and working in this wonderful country, we feel privileged to be able to share some of its historic traditions, including the celebration of Presidents’ Day next weekend. The connection is even greater because our inn, according to many of our guests, bears a striking resemblance to the White House, a mini and modest version of course . So we decided to learn a little more about this holiday weekend in February, and have spent some fascinating time reading up on the history of this celebration. In our new library we have a whole shelf dedicated to great American Presidents, and it is very interesting to see our guests from all corners of the world focus on that section first. Of couse the greatest connection to Cape Cod is JFK, and we have some wonderful framed black and white Kennedy photos on one of the library walls, as well as several Kennedy books. At the moment, we are offering you the chance to enjoy the inn at a great price, just click here to learn about our winter getaway deals, including Presidents’ Day weekend, of course. We hope to see you very soon!

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