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Google Celebrates Cape Cod’s Edward Gorey Birthday!

February 22nd, 2013 by Mike Cassels

The Edward Gorey House and MuseumHappy Birthday Mr Gorey! We’re sure most of you know that we are very priviliged to have the Edward Gorey House just a 5 minute walk from the inn, and today EVERYONE gets to see his imaginative works as the “Google Doodle” of the day!

The museum, which was his home until his death in 2000, is one of the most fascinating places we’ve ever visited………you walk in here and now, but you are transported into the magical, dark and surreal world of this genius, and when you step outside it is a bit of a shock to be back in the real world! But it’s really worth it, and the icing on the cake is the small gift shop where you can buy unique items for yourself or someone special.

The museum re-opens for the season on April 18th, with a new exhibit to celebrate the 50th anniversary of “The Vinegar Works”, so why not plan a stay at the inn and tie in a great morning or afternoon at the Edward Gorey House. Quote this blog and we’ll pay for your entry!

More Luxury Added For 2012 Makes Our Cape Cod B&B Hard To Beat For Value

June 21st, 2012 by Mike Cassels

Various improvements were made during our slow winter season, to enhance the comfort and enjoyment of our guests this summer. From the level of luxury and ambience in and outside the inn, to the appearance of each guest room, we try hard to make the sort of changes that we would appreciate if we were the guests.

So what exactly is new? The Vineyard Rose room has been completely remodelled and refurnished, which has increased the bedroom size and produced a fabulous luxury bathroom. Our most popular Plantation Suite has had a bathroom upgrade. We have also created a guest refreshment area on the second floor, which is equiped much the same as the one in the inn’s library on the first floor.

Outside there are even more areas to sit and relax in our beautiful shaded grounds – all our towering trees were pruned during the winter, except the magnificent 300 year old Eastern Cottonwood. The new furniture rocking on the inn’s front deck includes two elegant rocking chairs and a swing seat for two. The Breakfast Terrace has had a facelift and is awash with colour from the many hanging baskets and planters.

Back inside the inn, our guests will find a tray of goodies in their room to welcome them, which will include hand-made truffles from Chatham’s Candy Manor, and there will be two splits of chilled Italian “bubbly” waiting for them in the guest “cave a vin”.

Each guest room has had a large flat screen and DVD player for some time now and this past winter we have significantly increased the selection of movies available in our complimentary DVD library. We have also added a presidential section of books to our main library. Reading in bed is even easier with two overhead lamps replacing night stand lamps in all the guest rooms.

On the less interesting side, all our guest rooms have new air conditioning units, and the ongoing replacement of clapboard around the inn allowed us to finally have the southern side of the inn painted, using the new colour scheme.

Why not come and see the changes for yourself if you are one of our many returning guests or if you are contemplating a first visit, check us out. We promise you a truely unique and enjoyable time in this beautiful setting – go on, spoil yourself.



Presidents’ Day at Cape Cod’s “White House”

February 14th, 2011 by cassels

Mount Rushmore As non-Americans living and working in this wonderful country, we feel privileged to be able to share some of its historic traditions, including the celebration of Presidents’ Day next weekend. The connection is even greater because our inn, according to many of our guests, bears a striking resemblance to the White House, a mini and modest version of course . So we decided to learn a little more about this holiday weekend in February,

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Come and enjoy Cape Cod Restaurant Week – May 17-23, 2010

May 13th, 2010 by cassels

W35th U.S. Army Culinary Arts Competitionhat an opportunity to be able sample the creations of talented chefs, and to stay in one of Cape Cod’ most stunning inns at the same time! Starting on May 17, 2010, many of the Cape’s most renowned restaurants are participating in the bi-annual Restaurant Week, when each establishment offers a prix-fixe menu with lots of mouth-watering choices to tempt your palate.  Some suggest specific wines which will compliment their creations, to further enhance your dining experience.

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Support Cape Cod’s Cape Abilities 5K charity walk on May 15th

May 8th, 2010 by cassels

Farm Fresh Bounty on Cape Cod

Farm Fresh on Cape Cod

We were recently introduced to the wonderful Cape Abilities Farm, which is located just a few minutes from our inn along Route 6A, in Dennis. The farm is part of  the non-profit organization Cape Abilities, which began life back in 1968 in the town of Orleans. Today there are several arms of the organization, including a consignment and thrift shop in Barnstable Village, also just a short drive from us. The main objective of Cape Abilities is to help provide jobs, homes and other services to Cape Codders with disabilities, and their mantra is “We believe that each person has capabilities, not disabilities”. The farm itself employs 80 people with disabilities, who work in all aspects of farm management. Traditional and hydroponic methods are used to grow vegetables and flowers, and the farm is open to the public daily between 10 am and 6 pm.

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Cape Cod, cats, and stardom: Siobhan Magnus

April 19th, 2010 by cassels

The latest American Idol series has produced a home-grown Cape Cod talent in the lovely, gifted singer Siobhan Magnus. But what is the relevance to a Cape Cod bed and breakfast inn? Well, she is a real cat (and Edward Gorey) lover, so much so that on her right arm you can see a tattoo of Edward Gorey’s Gashlycrumb Tinies, and if you know anything about the man himself, you will know he also was a true “cat person”. His fantastic, historic home, which now houses the  Edward Gorey House museum, is just a five-minute walk from our inn, and is now open for the 2010 season.

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A birds eye view of Cape Cod and the Islands

March 5th, 2010 by cassels

Why not take a plane ride to Nantucket this spring, summer or fall, and if you choose a clear day your 15 minute flight will treat you to magnificent views up the arm of the Cape as far as Provincetown, the National Seashore and Chatham, and of the Islands themselves. If you are really smart, you will time your return to see a magical sunset – what a way to finish a wonderful day on Nantucket.

We have done this several times ourselves, and can vouch for its advantages over taking the boat, but that’s not to say the fast ferry is not a pleasurable experience too. Island Air will take excellent care of you, as indeed they have of us in the past. The flight itself  is exhilerating, in a nine seater aircraft, with the added bonus of the precious time you will save not only in the journey but also at the check in desk , where you can arrive as late as 10 minutes prior to departure. The total time saving on the round trip can be as much as 2 hours.Old North Wharf  Flights leave from Hyannis ( Barnstaple Municiple Airport ),which is only eight minutes from our inn, and there is plenty of reasonably priced parking.

There are a number of sightseeing airplane rides available on Cape Cod, should you not wish to take advantage of the Nantucket option, which is hard to beat. Fly Wilma Sightseeing Tours offers bespoke as well as standard flights out of Provincetown – you can ask to see whatever you like, well up to a point that is, and Captain Hal will take you up in Wilma, which was built in 1927 and may just be the oldest commercially operating aircraft in the U.S.A. So you can go off to see lighthouses, dunes, The National Seashore etc. etc. and maybe if you’re very lucky, the odd whale here and there.

You might want to take a look at Cape Cod under a more environmentally friendly Cape Cod Soaring Adventures at Marston Mills Airport. Here, weather permitting, Randy Charlton will take you up in his glider cruising at a cool 40 mph at 5,000 ft. This must be a wonderful experience given the absence of motor noise. Chatham can offer 25 to 55 minutes in a four seater Cessna, and much like the previously mentioned options, will require reservations a day or so in advance during the season.

With all this talk of aviation, what more fitting place could there be at the end of all this excitement than our very own “Tally Ho” room (maybe that aviators expression is just a British thing ) back at your Bed and Breakfast Inn. Plenty of time to freshen up for an evening on the town : The Brazilian Grill, an authentic rodizio, might fit the bill if you are looking for something lively, or maybe you will choose to leave the car at home after all that motion, and cross the lawn to our wonderful neighbours for dinner. One thing’s for sure – you will certainly sleep well tonight!

Discover the Cape Cod “whale trail” from our Inn

March 3rd, 2010 by cassels

Your adventures during your Cape Cod vacation this season may to some extent be influenced by the advice your innkeeper can give you.  Guests will quite often have preplanned their itinerary with or without this complimentary service, but may need just a gentle nudge in oneDSC_0006 direction or another to decide whether to go whale-watching, spend a day on the beach or perhaps visit Provincetown.  That help in deciding how best to spend the day may, as far as the whale-watching option is concerned, come from listening to the animated accounts from fellow guests who went whale-watching the previous day. This takes place over a leisurely breakfast, served on our terrace overlooking the Inn’s gardens.

Cape Cod is, after all, ranked in the top 10 whale encounter locations in the world. You may even catch sight of one or two from a suitable vantage point on the National Seashore. The Hyannis Whale Watch boat will take you out in comfort to Stellwagen Bank and provide an extremely knowledgeable commentary – yes you do need to take your camera! There is less need, though, for binoculars as some whale sightings will be close to the boat. You may even catch a rare glimpse of a right whale, which is currently one of the most endangered species. You are more likely to see humpback, minke and finback .

The twice-daily 4 hour excursions are ten minutes from our inn, and in our opinion they are the best. Particularly fitting is their sponsorship of IFAW, the International Fund for Animal Welfare, which does so much to preserve the whale population in New England amongst all its other commendable work across the globe. We hope you’ll find an hour to spare for IFAW’s visitor’s centre at the end of Summer Street in their new “green” international headquarters.

So the voyage of discovery continues with a day trip to the tiny island of Nantucket. Maddaket Harbor, Nantucket You will want to go there to see more than the Whaling Museum, but no there can be no more poignant a start to your visit than a look at this fascinating and clever illustration of whaling, which was after all, largely responsible for establishing the thriving settlement of Nantucket in the 17th and 18th centuries. The voyage of the Essex from Nantucket inspired Herman Melville’s story of Moby Dick, and there is often a guided tour of the museum during which you can hear the story of this ill-fated voyage.

If you are now casting your mind back to your whale watching trip, you will doubtless be grateful that whaling is something from the past – at least in this part of the world.

So, if all this appeals to you and you’re planning to spend a few days on the Cape this year, be sure to allow plenty of time to follow the “whale trail”. Why not make your Cape Cod visit even more memorable by staying with us, at our historic Bed and Breakfast Inn? Hope to see you soon!

Crisp, sunny, Cape Cod winter days

February 7th, 2010 by cassels

There is nothing to compare with a gorgeous deep blue Cape Cod sky, especially in the winter. The sun shines, and being on Cape Cod really lifts the spirit of anyone who longs for the warmer weather. So what can a visitor do here in then winter? It’s so easy to get around, so you can drive to some wonderful vantage points, take a cup of steaming hot chocolate, and enjoy the spectacular ocean and marsh views. Wrap up well, and take an envigourating walk along the miles of unspoilt beaches.

And then return home to your home base, our Cape Cod Inn, ready for a splendid dinner in one of the Cape’s outstanding restaurants. Take a look at the Old Yarmouth Inn, for example, which is a short stroll from our inn. Wow, you can eat like royalty there! Or try another favorite of ours, the Blue Moon Bistro where the owners take so much pride in personally looking after you to ensure a perfect meal.

Of course the winter is a great time to take in all the latest movies, and on Cape Cod there is no shortage of movie houses, including a multi-screen right at the Mall! Shop, eat and watch all without putting your coat on!

Or how about a relaxing massage, there are numerous spas in the area, and you really will feel renewed after some deep tissue treatment, or a couples massage with your special partner.

All in all, a winter visit to Cape Cod should be on your “must do” list!

Yarmouth Port Wharf

July 29th, 2009 by cassels

The old wharf at Yarmouth Port has very little remaining of it’s original structure, and it is believed to have been rebuilt, at least in part, on more than one occasion in the past 300 years.

Now, when standing at the site of the old wharf, it is difficult to imagine that this was the main arterial supply route for the Cape before the arrival of the railroad. Indeed the packet ships and the local merchants’ horse drawn wagons would have made for a very bustling scene in the 17th and early 18th centuries, a very stark contrast to today’s tranquil beauty. The waterways have long since silted up, producing a lush green landscape to contrast with the blue waters that now gently lap against the shore. On a sunny day in spring or fall, a vivid blue sky completes this canvas of natural unspoilt beauty. There is, needless to say, an abundance of wildlife on view.

Helen and I are indeed fortunate to have this wonderful setting a mere ten minutes walk from our inn on Summer Street. Our guests can also enjoy a 2 mile walk, which takes them on from the wharf across the narrow bridge onto Keveney Lane, looking across to wonderful views of Cape Cod Bay. Making their way back along the historic Kings Highway to complete the circuit, our visitors often stop at Hallets for a much needed homemade ice cream or frappe……..Yummy!!

Once refreshed, one can round off this envigourating jaunt with a visit to the former house of Captain Bangs Hallet-name ring a bell? – on the village green, just past the Post Office which deserves a quick visit, in the historic context of this walk. Immediately on entering the Post Office, above the P.O.Boxes, there is a wonderful painting depicting Yarmouth Port in the 1800’s, with our inn, The Inn at Cape Cod, in the foreground.

Great news for Cape Cod National Seashore!

April 23rd, 2009 by cassels

It was announced today that Cape Cod will receive over $4 million of federal funds to help preserve, stabilize and maintain the beautiful natural treasures which make up its National Seashore. This wonderfully unspoilt part of Cape Cod is less than a half-hour’s drive from the Inn;  the drive itself takes in historic Route 6a, also known as the Old King’s Highway. This route was where, in former days, the mail stagecoach traveled between Boston and Chatham. History and nature can be seen in perfect harmony when you stay at the Inn at Cape Cod, in Yarmouth Port, MA.salt_pond_visitors_center2

Bed and Breakfast in Cape Cod: Winter

February 4th, 2009 by cassels

Escape to Cape Cod for a winter weekend getaway, where it will feel warm and welcoming. Stay at our charming Bed and Breakfast Cape Cod and curl up in  one of our big armchairs in The Manor Suite or in front of the fireplace in The Sears Room.  Take time to read, daydream and sip hot chocolate. Bundle up and take a winter stroll along the magnificent boardwalk which heads out into the Bay at our local Gray’s Beach. Browse quaint bookstores, boutiques and antique shops in our village centers and complete your afternoon with a visit to Parnassus Book Store, which is right across the street from the inn. Bed and Breakfast in Cape Cod
There you will find an Aladdin’s Cave of literary treasures to keep you fascinated for hours. Enjoy cozy restaurants with crackling fires and old wood floors. Everywhere you go, you’ll experience the warmth of people who call the Cape home.

Enjoy the peace and quiet while taking in the various ocean views. There are a number of hiking trails available, ask us at the Cape Cod Bed Breakfast for some of our favorite spots.

Make notes of the places you want to return to in the warmer weather. Then you won’t waste time in the car driving to places we could have skipped. Peak time in the Cape has to be well planned due to the traffic. Just some friendly travel tips for Massachusetts Bed Breakfasts! Hope to see you soon!