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Cape Cod Boutique Hotel; Try our whale package

July 21st, 2013 by Mike Cassels


Our Cape Cod Boutique Hotel is very close to each fun element of our current whale-watching package. Perhaps that is part of the reason we are selling so many this year. The feedback has been positive from our guests. The three main elements they seem to more or less agree upon are the awesome spectacle of seeing whales up close in their natural habitat, the Nantucket Whaling Museum and the role whaling played in the region’s economy. The third element they say, was the most moving. The three day experience made them appreciate the dangers that the global whale population is now facing and the work that goes on behind the scenes to preserve these magnificent creatures and their habitat. They have all had great fun following our “Tale of the Whale Trail” package, which we run from May 1st through to mid October. And incidentally, we donate $25 directly to IFAW for every package sold. Why? You will know the answer to that by the end of your wonderful four days out front with whales.

The 4 day package includes:

– Two tickets for the Hyannis Whale Watcher 4 hour excursion with commentary

cape cod boutique hotel whale package.

Tale of the Whale Tail

– Two round trip tickets on Steamship Authority’s fast ferry to Nantucket

– Two admissions to The Nantucket Whaling Museum

– A copy of “Field Guide to Whales, Porpoises and Seals From Cape Cod to Newfoundland”

– Dinner for two at the fabulous Mattakeese Wharf Restaurant

– A mystery gift from IFAW, and for those who would like to, a visit to IFAW’s International Headquarters, whose totally green concept building is awesome in itself.

The package price in luxury accommodation starts from $1129 thro $1550. A 4 course breakfast for two each morning, afternoon home baking, 24/7 refreshments, unlimited concierge, secure wifi, private parking etc. are all included.

Guests have enough free time to explore some of Cape Cod’s delights, such as the beautiful rugged National Seashore, where there is always a chance you may see a whale or two, seals, dolphins or sharks, from any of the more northern beaches.

Once you have relaxed a little in the luxurious surroundings of our Cape Cod Boutique Hotel, back in the tranquil historic district every evening, you can stroll effortlessly to your dinner table at any of the 3 great restaurants we have in Yarmouth Port. You may however prefer the village pub, The Black Sheep, which has a friendly casual ambience with great food………. I guess you are spoilt for choice. What could be better after another memorable day following The Whale Trail!

This package will not involve any rushing around or stress for you. The Inn is no more than 10 to 15 minutes from the whale watching, the fast ferry to Nantucket, Mattakeese Wharf, IFAW etc. The National Seashore is 25 scenic minutes away. Why not come and see for yourself.

More News Of The Right Whales At Herring Cove, Cape Cod

March 24th, 2012 by Mike Cassels

The Right Whales return to Cape CodFollowing up on our recent blog, we have now been up twice to Provincetown to see the whales for ourselves, equiped with some decent binoculars. Our first attempt was only partially successful due to some less than perfect weather conditions. We did nonetheless see some glimpses of the Right Whales, enough to convince us to make a second trip when the conditions were much better.

It is around an hour’s drive to the northern most tip of Cape Cod from our Inn in Yarmouth Port, and we chose tuesday this week for our second trip. It was a warm sunny day (70 degrees) with only a slight breeze. So this time the water was like a millpond at Herring Cove.We walked a mile or more towards Race Point Lighthouse, all the time mesmerised by multiple sightings of whales about 200 to 300 yards from the shore. We heard the unmistakeable noise that whales make when they surface. There was so much activity it made us breathless with excitement……… tails, breaches, multiple whales. What a magnificent sight! We didn’t know where to look next – they were everywhere!

Although without question, these early spring days are perfect for whale watching from the shore, there is an element of luck involved in just how much you are going to see from one day to the next. However, there is a rich reward awaiting you, if you get that timing right.

All of our weekend guests were focused on seeing the whales, as we helped each couple to plan their day after this morning’s breakfast. We cannot wait to hear how they all got on at breakfast tomorrow.