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Vacation Time Is Precious – Let Us Help Maximise Your Enjoyment Of Cape Cod And Islands

May 12th, 2013 by Mike Cassels

Map of Cape Cod and vicinity“Americans work hard and play hard”. Or at least, so the saying goes on the other side of the Pond. No seriously, this is meant as a compliment, and it is easy to explain, at least that is, from our British perspective. The average American works a lot more hours a week than his counterpart in Europe, but has a fraction of the vacation time each year – something in the region of 35 per cent or less.

My theory is that the average American has therefore become very savy in getting the most out of his treasured vacation time, trying to maximise his and his family’s quality time together. That is where we come in. Rather than waste precious time often making the wrong choices for day trips, restaurants and the like, most of our guests take advantage of the unlimited concierge service that we provide. Around 90 per cent of our American and 70 per cent of our European visitors make the most of this unlimited complimentary feature of their stay at The Inn At Cape Cod. We think nothing of arranging everything for some guests, and people who have never come across this level of personal service, quickly embrace the concept.

We are so delighted to get very happy animated feedback from guests for whom we recommended say a restaurant for a very special occasion often procuring them the best table. This feedback often happens during breakfast the following day.

So why not put us to the test this summer and sample our own brand of 5-star luxury. Let us pamper to your every need and help arrange your Cape Cod adventures. You will treasure sweet memories of your vacation for years to come.