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Can a Small Luxury Hotel attract The Rich and Famous?

June 14th, 2013 by Mike Cassels

4th Ave.  & Pine St. Mural - Vancouver 1984Small luxury hotels can typically offer an extra dimension or two that their larger counterparts cannot. Attention to detail and emphasis on quality personal service have always been uppermost in the experience created for travelers. Guests can also find added touches of luxury in this sort of hotel/inn, and The Inn At Cape Cod is no exception. We are constantly trying new ideas that will enhance that feeling of luxury and it is fascinating to see small subtle changes to our guest base. Perhaps we can attractthe rich and famous” one of these days.

It really was a small world this past week on a couple of occasions. At the weekend we had a British couple staying, who had a vacation home very near our farmhouse in the south of France. Later in the week we were able to catch up on all the news from where we lived in London, with a charming couple spending a few days at the Inn, who lived a few streets from our London house.

It is inevitable that you make friends with some of your guests – you discover a bond between you, and I do not mean a geographical one necessarily. Ted and Angie from Hampton Hill, were fabulous guests to have in their own right, irrespective of us being able to share memories of the beautiful suburb in which we all lived ( in our case, had lived ).

We have had in the six or so years that we have run the Inn, interesting guests from all walks of life and countries. As far as fame is concerned, no one that famous has stayed at the Inn, in recent memory that is. Brittany Spears being a notable exception before we acquired the Inn. Silvio Berlusconi’s private physician stayed with his family a few seasons back. They were all gracefully mannered and stylishly dressed as only Italians can be – from the north of the country that is. We had looked after, and arranged everything for them for 5 or 6 days without knowing much about them, until the eve of their departure, when we got talking about football ( soccer ). It turned out that our mystery guest was also a director of AC Milan and had been on the phone to Roman Abromovich from our driveway the previous morning. R.A. is the famous billionaire  Russian oligarch, who owns Chelsea F.C. in London. He had been trying to lure our guest to join Chelsea with the offer to double his salary. All fascinating stuff, but only if you know your football! Anyway, the following morning our delightful Italian family exchanged farewell hugs and kisses with us on the front steps of the Inn and invited us to their home at Lake Como. “Oh, and by the way”, they said, “George Clooney is our neighbor”. Well this meant more to Helen than it did to me – she was already packing her bags!

Although it is unlikely that we shall attract a Meryl Streep or Anthony Hopkins to stay at the inn any day soon, we shall continue to receive interesting visitors from across the globe, from Hampton Hill to Australia, from Dallas to Tokyo. The Inn will continue to offer the same gentle understated environment that has pleased so many of our guests during these last six years. They have felt at home from the moment they entered this magnificent building and sampled our hospitality. All our guests, irrespective of their fame or otherwise, will find the same attention to detail and personal touches. And for those that like to be pampered in a small luxury hotel with a difference, we shall oblige and have fun in the process.