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International Fund for Animal Welfare’s HQ on Cape Cod

February 10th, 2010 by cassels

In 2006, when we were searching for an inn, we were delighted to learn that the town we had chosen (Yarmouth Port) was also home to the international headquarters for IFAW, a wonderful non-profit organisation that fights worldwide to help rescue, save, and protect all the creatures we share this planet with. We had been supporters of IFAW www.ifaw.org  for many years before we moved to Cape Cod, so to find them almost on our doorstep seemed to good to be true!

Then 2 years ago, IFAW relocated to their new “green” head office just a mile down our same street, so we contacted them and were able to meet some of their dedicated staff. We decided to get a program going so that we could continue to support their efforts in a small way. This is especially relevant here on Cape Cod, where whales can been seen offshore at many points around the peninsula, or on special whale-watching cruises.  We also learned that the co-owner of the Old Yarmouth Inn restaurant:  www.oldyarmouthinn.com,  just next door to us,  was also a long-time supporter and fund-raiser, so how’s that for karma!

IFAW successfully worked with local fishermen to develop nets that wouldn’t harm or trap whales, and are always on call to help any creature in distress, be it a whale or a manatee locally, or some exotic creature much further afield.

IFAW are presently working in Haiti with WSPA and other agencies to help treat, vaccinate and re-home injured livestock and pets affected by the recent tragic earthquake.

To learn more about IFAW’s tireless efforts, check out their website, shown above, or read their blog to get updated reports on Haiti, and other current projects: http://animalrescue.typepad.com/animal_rescue_blog/

And should you wish to stay a while in this wonderful area, you could take a look at our Cape Cod B & B Inn. Don’t hesitate to call or email us if you need any help coosing one of our rooms or suites.