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Cape Cod vacation? Plan It beforehand to allow yourself enough time.

June 25th, 2013 by Mike Cassels

Cape Cod vacation near the beach

near the beach!

Contemplating a Cape Cod vacation? Plan it beforehand to allow yourself enough time. It happens often enough through the year, that guests only leave themselves one day on Cape Cod to see the sights. A two or even three night stay is never going to be enough for first time visitors, many of whom have underestimated the enormity of what the Cape and Islands have to offer. “We wish we had known it was such a beautiful place…..and so much to see”. Words to that effect are heard all too often.

A bit of research before you arrive for your Cape cod vacation is a good investment, but that requires a little time that most of us have so very little of these days. Guide books are good, but all too often information has been taken from the internet anyway and it is out of date very quickly. However, an exceptional guide book and one that we use, is Kim Grant’s “Cape Cod An Explorer’s Guide”. The Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce and The Cape Cod Travel Guide both have websites worth a visit. Just by googling “where and what is Cape Cod” is a good starting point in the education process.

There are now so many review sites, you can always get several opinions on one area to stay versus another. Likewise with your selection of where to stay, having defined the things that are important to you first and the  one or two things you might compromise upon. TripAdvisor is now almost a household name and theoretically an honest authentic review from a like minded traveler can be useful. Fake reviews? Apparently a significant percentage of traveler reviews on these sort of websites are coerced with incentives or worse still,  are completely fake. We read all over the internet these days about Reputation Management Companies who it is said, pay people to post glowing accolades disguised as the real thing to boost their clients’ popularity ratings. There is an abundance of advice on the internet telling us how to spot a hotel that may have cheated – they generally point to four basic signals: an inordinate number of 5 Star reviews disproportionate to the hotel’s number of rooms and the period over which they have been written; a sameness in the way the reviews are written; an over articulation of all the hotels plus points; and finally, an overloading of superlatives in the text. You can make your own mind up on this prognosis – from where we are sitting, we sense there may be some truth behind it, so at the very least we read between the lines of any reviews that we read on our own travels. Of course, much of this online debate would presumably disappear if only these review sites would put their resources  towards the introduction of a credible review verification process. Until then tread cautiously!

Turning back to the ways in which you can do your own research to help you discover The Cape and Islands so you can get an idea of how many days to allow for your Cape Cod vacation. There is a new Cape Cod App available, beautifully put together by that same travel writer I have already mentioned, Kim Grant: “Cape Cod Travel Essentials”. The Cape Cod Chamber has also launched a very useful App for visitors who want to create their own Arts Trail.

Cape Cod vacation in our grounds

In the shade of our 300 year old Eastern Cottonwood

Finally, you cannot go wrong with a click on our navigation bar where it says “Cape Cod“. There you can find categorized information from dining to beaches and golf to museums. You name it and we have probably included it. There are inter-active maps covering each category, and an Event Calendar. Please make use of it and you will appreciate the work and attention to detail that went into putting it together.  We employ the same meticulous approach in pampering our wonderful guests – are you ready to become one? Relax on an Adirondack in the shade of our 300 year old Eastern Cottonwood and sip your wine while you contemplate your next Cape Cod adventure.