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Inn at Cape Cod

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5 Star luxury Cape Cod Inn; 2 days without car to discover Cape treasures

August 4th, 2013 by Mike Cassels

5 star luxury cape cod inn

In a hurry to check into The Inn At Cape Cod circa 1830, Our first TA review followed.


A stay at our 5 star luxury Cape Cod Inn will reveal the treasures of charmingly understated Yarmouth Port and more. If you are looking to relax and have a day or two without the car, this may be the location for you. Whether you’re chilling out and recharging  your battery in between more adventurous days on The Islands and National Seashore, or taking an interesting and relaxing couple of days away from the “rat race”, whatever the plan, our fantastic location is ideal.

As well as having an incredibly helpful and comprehensive area guide to help guests, on our website, and educational DVDs available once they arrive, we have an orientation corner of the library comprising a large map for planning with for example, detailed analysis of the Island travel options. Pride of place is afforded to the many attractions in our seaside village.

Whilst most of our arrivals, who have not been to the area before, are focused on day trips to The Islands, Provincetown etc., with our help it does not take long for most to devote some time to enjoying their immediate surroundings. There is certainly a cache about the community in which we live, but we direct our guests to the many attractions which they might otherwise miss. So what exactly are we so proud of, that is within comfortable walking distance from our Inn  :

– Grays Beach & Boardwalk & Town boat ramp: 1.75 miles

– Old Wharf on the Bay: 0.8 mile

– Dennis Pond and Beach: 0.3 mile

– Historical Society’s Nature and Wild Life Reserve: adjoining Inn At Cape Cod’s gardens: 0.1 mile

5 star luxury cape cod inn

Explore the Ed Gorey Museum. A unique and daring insight to the great man’s work. Another YP treasure to feast your eyes upon

– The Edward Gorey House and Museum: 0.1 mile

– Captain Bangs Hallet’s House and Museum: 0.1 mile

– Captains Mile: 50 sea captains houses dating back to 17th Century: 0.0 mile

– The Fresh Paint Art Gallery: exhibits of six prominent artists: 0.1 mile

– Design Works antiques: 0.1 mile

Hallets Ice cream Parlor and museum: 0.1 mile

Barn & Co.: women’s apparel and accessories: 0.2 mile

– Gorham Cobblers Shoppe: 0.1 mile

– Kelley’s Chapel: 0.1 mile

Parnassus Old Book Store: 0.1 mile

– The Old Yarmouth Inn and Tavern c. 1697: 0.1 mile

– The Lyric Restaurant: 0.5 mile

– The Inaho Japanese Restaurant: 0.1 mile

……………………….and the list goes on!

I guess that even with this amazing list of attractions and things to do, I still cannot convey to you how wonderful this little place is. The feel of the place, its beauty, its history, its warmth…..well you will just have to see for yourself. At the same time, just take a look at us. The iconic building of which we are now proud owners, has been a corner stone of this New England community for nearly two centuries, becoming a hotel in 1830. The weary stage coach travelers were easily pleased and had very basic expectations as far as comfort was concerned. Amazingly, they managed to survive without TripAdvisor in those days…..hard to believe isn’t it?! So would The Inn At Cape Cod as it was in 1830, have been considered a 5 Star luxury Cape Cod Inn of the stage coach era?






Edward Gorey House In Cape Cod Re-opens For 2012 Season

April 22nd, 2012 by Mike Cassels

We always know that summer is just around the corner when “seasonal” museums and restaurants begin to re-open after the winter. Last weekend saw the local opening of the Edward Gorey House, which is just a short walk from the inn. We have guests stay at the inn who are avid fans of Gorey, and they travel  several times a year from their home in Dallas, Texas, to visit the museum . So whenever we receive a reservation from them we know something is about to happen at the Gorey House! The grand opening last weekend included a fantastic new exhibiton of  “Gorey Envelope Art” showing the artist’s skills of decorating envelopes containing letters to his friend and idea collaborator Peter Neumeyer.

One of the interesting aberrations resulting from a visit to the Gorey House is that you come away feeling like you stepped sideways into another world, one which is hard to forget, and one which you yearn to return to time and again. So make sure you plan your visit to Yarmouth Port and Cape Cod to include this fascinating and haunting home.

Cape Cod, cats, and stardom: Siobhan Magnus

April 19th, 2010 by cassels

The latest American Idol series has produced a home-grown Cape Cod talent in the lovely, gifted singer Siobhan Magnus. But what is the relevance to a Cape Cod bed and breakfast inn? Well, she is a real cat (and Edward Gorey) lover, so much so that on her right arm you can see a tattoo of Edward Gorey’s Gashlycrumb Tinies, and if you know anything about the man himself, you will know he also was a true “cat person”. His fantastic, historic home, which now houses the  Edward Gorey House museum, is just a five-minute walk from our inn, and is now open for the 2010 season.

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Historic Cape Cod names with an “Old England” connection

March 29th, 2010 by cassels

Barnstaple Parish Church Some first-time visitors to Cape Cod are amazed to discover that the peninsula/island is a lot more than just a sand-dune, and that in fact Cape Cod is 65 miles long, has 15 separate towns and an area of almost 400 square miles. Any English visitor here (as we were, at one time) will recognise town names, but will notice, sometimes, a slight change in spelling from the original namesake in the old country. So we’d like to explain how and where some of the town names came from, back in 17th century New England.

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The story of Cape Cod’s Captains’ Mile

March 16th, 2010 by cassels

The section of the Old King’s Highway, which winds its way through the historic village of  Yarmouth Port, has another name dating back decades.Stagecoach

For years locals have referred to this stretch of Route 6A as “Captains’ Mile” due to the large number of historic sea captains houses that line both sides of the road inbetween Willow Street and Union Street. In fact, in 1966 this beautiful district was declared a national historical district. In addition to the 47 sea captains’ homes that are on  the highway, there are a further eight to be found in this charming village, not to mention a number of other historic buildings, including our inn which was the Sears Hotel in the early 19th century.

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A breath of springtime from the nature trails of Cape Cod’s great outdoors

February 22nd, 2010 by cassels

Lillies We had a glimpse of spring  last week, enough at least to remind us that we have so much on our doorstep here on Cape Cod, and there is no better time to take advantage of it. Whether that means dusting off your bike or finding your hiking boots and binoculars, there are wonderful adventures awaiting you.

Having left our bikes in France when we moved here, we have yet to take advantage of  Cape Cod’s many bike trails. That’s no excuse though, as there are a number of bike rental locations strategically placed at or near many of the trails. The largest of these is the Cape Cod Rail Trail, 22 miles in length,which has rentals in Dennis, Brewster and Wellfleet. The Shining Sea Bikeway in Falmouth is a short trail with spectacular scenery and Corner Cycle will rent you a bike if you do not have your own.

There are many trails to explore on foot, indeed several are within walking distance of our inn, the closest are within the one hundred acre nature reserve, which abuts the inn’s 2 acres of beautiful landscaped gardens. They meander through a diverse woodland landscape down to Miller and Dennis Ponds – trail maps with commentary are available from your innkeepers or from a kiosk just past the historic Gorham Cobblers Shop. You can visit 200 year old Kelley’s Chapel, which nestles in a clearing at the start of the trails, and can be seen from our inn. Along the way, don’t forget to explore  Summer street’s historic Woodside Cemetery, where you can trace the ancestry of Joshua Sears, one of New England’s wealthiest entrepreneurs ,who had what is now The Inn at Cape Cod, built as his private residence.

Travelling west along Route 6A about one mile, on Bone Hill Road, is the wonderful Mass. Audubon nature reserve Long Pasture. Here there are several grassy trails to follow, some with views of Cape Cod Bay across to Sandy Neck, a nature lover’s paradise.

It’s another bright sunny day again. I wonder if the Ospreys have returned to their nest at Grays Boardwalk – a little too soon I think – we will walk up and take a look anyway and maybe time our visit to take in the spectacular sunset.

Within Walking Distance: Cape Cod Bed Breakfast

January 5th, 2009 by cassels

Our peninsula is small, so you don’t have to go far to have a good time!

A fun activity in the Yarmouth Port area is Captain Bangs Hallet House Museum. The home is over 150 years old, and belonged to the sea Captain Bangs.

The house is full of historic relics: samples of the wares of freight carried by the captain, a few great and historic marine paintings, ship models, and other miscellaneous historical artifacts.

Captain Bangs Hallet House museum is only a half mile from our Bed and Breakfast Cape Cod.

There is a nice little nature trail around the house. Basically the nature trail is a large loop around one of our common kettle ponds. The trail runs close to the Cape Cod scenic railroad, so you might catch a glimpse of the tourist train! The train tracks run down the left side of the pond trails.

There is a nature handout at the trail head. You can also leave a small donation here, if you are so inclined. The handout consists of some of the interesting flora on the trails. Dogs are welcome if leashed, and we ran into a few very friendly dogs while strolling the grounds.

While you are staying at our Bed and Breakfast in Cape Cod, you should also check out the Nature trails along Route 6A just before the Post Office. Along these meandering routes, open year round from sunrise to dusk, you can see an old chapel built by the Quaker Society in the late 19th Century, called Kelly Chapel. Also on this path is the Tufts Gatehouse. Inside the Gatehouse is an 18th century loom that still works and is used for demonstrations in the summer.
Cape Cod has a deep and diverse history
Along with interesting buildings, these nature trails, maintained by the Historical Society of Old Yarmouth, traverse through the first golf course on Cape Cod!
Built in 1890 as a private gold course for the Thacher family, it was used for several
decades before the natural vegetation was allowed to reclaim the land. As you walk, look carefully, and you can still see the remains of the landscaping.

Just some small suggestions from the innkeeper of the Massachusetts Bed Breakfasts, Inn at Cape Cod. See you soon!