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Inn at Cape Cod

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Cape Cod Seafood Cafe In Dream Waterside Location

August 29th, 2012 by Mike Cassels

Killer SeagullIf you really want to experience Cape Cod casual seafood dining at it’s best, it is probably time to place your order at Sesuit Harbor Cafe. There seems to be a general consensus among local people we know, that there can be no better lobster roll on Cape Cod, and such a generous serving as well.

With SHC hard to find, hidden behind a boat yard, you would be forgiven for thinking that the proprietor wants to keep this wonderful cafe a secret! Word of mouth is probably it’s best marketing tool and it is of course well known and cherished by locals including ourselves.

There is a raw bar, and as well as lunch and dinner, breakfast is also served. You can bring wine or beer to enjoy with your meal as SHC has a BYO licence. The freshness of the seafood cannot be beaten. The cafe’s picturesque location can be enjoyed as you tuck into your fried clams. It is a bustling harbor with pleasure boats coming and going – the salt air mixed with the slight smell of diesel remind me of childhood vacations spent in Cornwall, England.

Ahhh, it’s summertime on Cape Cod again. Sesuit Harbor Cafe epitomises so much of what is good about outdoor living in New England. The good news for our guests is that the Cafe is a beautiful 10 minutes drive away – we hand them the printed directions so they don’t get lost! On their return we suggest they might like to stop off at Smuggler’s for some great home-made ice cream.