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Cape Cod Luxury Hotel Adds Roku For Its Guests 2014

July 17th, 2014 by Mike Cassels

Is this the first Cape Cod Luxury Hotel to add Roku for its guests? Maybe. If not, it is certainly among the first. Here at The Inn At Cape Cod, we add little luxuries for our guests every year, and this year is no exception.For anyone who wonders what on earth are we talking about, we need to explain a little, the benefits that our guests will enjoy this season at The Inn At Cape Cod.

A small receiver device, Roku 3, has been installed in each of our rooms and suites. This enables Media Streaming via the inn’s wifi from the internet, and access to a variety of entertainment, games, news and sports channels from around the globe. The main focus of the average viewer will undoubtedly be on movies and this is a category that Netflix dominates, boasting a collection of over 30,000 movies, TV series both old and current etc. Inn At Cape Cod’s guests will have access to all this in their rooms at no cost to them. We have been streaming a number of channels for more than a year now at our private house. They take the form of APPS requiring initial uploading and signing in. Some are completely free, while others such as Netflix require a monthly subscription. Netflix will serve up movies and TV shows which match your own taste, based upon a profile of your viewing history. The number of “channels” available is growing rapidly – there are, Roku claims, several hundred already and there is much more variety now compared with six months ago. The satellite and cable companies which  have dominated the market for so long are now looking anxiously in their rear view mirrors. Media streaming is also making our DVD library look decidedly “passe “. All our guest rooms will nevertheless continue to have DVD players for the moment at least.

We have continued to upgrade the size of our flat screen TVs in some of our rooms/suites. Two of our king suites, Plantation and Mayflower, now have 47 inch screens. The Plantation Suite’s seperate living room continues to have a second TV, but  this is now 26 inch. Our junior suite has now a second 32 inch screen in the seperate living room.

Our Cape Cod luxury hotel has just enhanced in-room entertainment for our guests in an extremely “cutting edge” way, making your upcoming stay with us all the more enjoyable. If, like many, you are a returning guest of The Inn At Cape Cod, you will notice many more changes, including our Flight Check-in Desk.

We have a little availability remaining for July and August. Those warm Indian summer days of September are less full …….for the moment at least. We would love to have you stay at our Cape Cod luxury hotel, and not just to enjoy the fabulous in-room entertainment, but also our attention to your every need that will make your Cape Cod adventure a memorable one.

Cape Cod in The Snow, The Spring & The Summer

February 18th, 2014 by Mike Cassels

061Well it sure has been a winter to remember here at the inn. Snow, snow and more snow seems to be the order of the day and Mike has become an expert (ex-pat) snow thrower and shoveler! But it is also very beautiful to look at from the warmth of your hearth, and any guests who have been here during the snow LOVE it! It also makes us think about the upcoming  season and how to make things better and different for our repeat (and new) guests. But we don’t want to give too much away except to say we hope not to disappoint!

We do have a great special running at the moment called “the early bird special”, which means you get discounted room rates for booking early in the year. Lots of guests take advantage of it, so why not take a look yourself? Click here to see all our specials and packages, including our Spring-fling and Whale-watching packages which are both very popular and also great value.

12062101_05We thought that a couple of lovely spring and summer shots would remind you of what is around the corner for us all. Roll on the spring!

Cape Cod luxury boutique hotel in tranquil oasis of oustanding natural beauty

September 22nd, 2013 by Mike Cassels

cape cod luxury boutique hotel

Inn with the new. No Victoriana in sight!


A shame to remodel this one circa 1970

Our Cape Cod luxury boutique hotel creates a luxury yet understated environment in which our guests can find tranquility and privacy, yet be assured that our discreet personal attention to their needs is always close at hand. We do not have the “clutter” on table tops, lace curtains, golden cupids or ageing nylon flowers that adorned our Inn when we bought it almost seven years ago. All the Victoriana and ornateness in general have long since been banished.

The oppressively dark and damp rooms, full of sadly neglected antiques and artwork, now have a light and airy feel to them. The program of upgrading this magnificent and graceful building has been long and hard, yet richly rewarding for its owners. We and others who saw the challenge that confronted us in October 2006, can still remember back to the early days and weeks. Helen and I were overwhelmed at times – several times a day in fact – but the excitement of being in the USA and owning one of the most eye-catchingly beautiful buildings on Cape Cod, kept us going throughout. Doubts? Yes, we had them fairly frequently, but there was after all, only one direction we could go with the property, and that was upwards.


The Best Suite 2005

Those sad antiques have been professionally restored by the way, those at least that were worth the trouble. Besides, most pieces were far too somber and Victorian to have any place in our plans for the reborn Inn At Cape Cod. We soon found the answer to our quest for upscale, classic and stylish furniture and accessories…….. Ethan Allen. We have also sourced some contemporary pieces from Peach Tree Designs of Naples, Crate & Barrel and Pottery Barn. Our emphasis on the design of the Inn’s interior has always been on classic simplicity and comfort. We have endeavored to create a very relaxing but stylish ambience, never compromising on comfort and quality. If one is not careful, some popular contemporary pieces of furniture cross the line that sometimes exists between comfort and style ie style for style’s sake.

We believe that the grand southern plantation architecture of this great building both inside and out, helps to create a unique Cape Cod luxury boutique hotel. No website can convey the very special feel of the Inn, or so many guests tell us.

cape cod luxury boutique hotel

Best Suite 2013

As for the exterior, the work there has been extensive. From the brick paved terrace for summer breakfasts to the new deck furniture including a swing seat, from the garden benches and Adirondacks to the candle lanterns that glow so warmly around the property. New landscaping and a subtle color change for the exterior of the building have also been done.

We have not been able to change the location of The Inn At Cape Cod, but then who in their right mind would want to. Mid Cape, Cape Cod Bay, Old Kings Highway and little Yarmouth Port all add up to an enviable location. We must also mention the nature reserve that our landscaped 2.5 acres back onto, our close proximity to The Bay and Grays Boardwalk, Dennis Pond and beach, and three of the finest restaurants on The Cape. Museums, art galleries and antique stores are a short stroll from our Cape Cod luxury boutique hotel. We are only ten minutes from the Island ferries, airport and whale watching excursions, and in a fantastic central location for most of the main attractions.


Can a Small Luxury Hotel attract The Rich and Famous?

June 14th, 2013 by Mike Cassels

4th Ave.  & Pine St. Mural - Vancouver 1984Small luxury hotels can typically offer an extra dimension or two that their larger counterparts cannot. Attention to detail and emphasis on quality personal service have always been uppermost in the experience created for travelers. Guests can also find added touches of luxury in this sort of hotel/inn, and The Inn At Cape Cod is no exception. We are constantly trying new ideas that will enhance that feeling of luxury and it is fascinating to see small subtle changes to our guest base. Perhaps we can attractthe rich and famous” one of these days.

It really was a small world this past week on a couple of occasions. At the weekend we had a British couple staying, who had a vacation home very near our farmhouse in the south of France. Later in the week we were able to catch up on all the news from where we lived in London, with a charming couple spending a few days at the Inn, who lived a few streets from our London house.

It is inevitable that you make friends with some of your guests – you discover a bond between you, and I do not mean a geographical one necessarily. Ted and Angie from Hampton Hill, were fabulous guests to have in their own right, irrespective of us being able to share memories of the beautiful suburb in which we all lived ( in our case, had lived ).

We have had in the six or so years that we have run the Inn, interesting guests from all walks of life and countries. As far as fame is concerned, no one that famous has stayed at the Inn, in recent memory that is. Brittany Spears being a notable exception before we acquired the Inn. Silvio Berlusconi’s private physician stayed with his family a few seasons back. They were all gracefully mannered and stylishly dressed as only Italians can be – from the north of the country that is. We had looked after, and arranged everything for them for 5 or 6 days without knowing much about them, until the eve of their departure, when we got talking about football ( soccer ). It turned out that our mystery guest was also a director of AC Milan and had been on the phone to Roman Abromovich from our driveway the previous morning. R.A. is the famous billionaire  Russian oligarch, who owns Chelsea F.C. in London. He had been trying to lure our guest to join Chelsea with the offer to double his salary. All fascinating stuff, but only if you know your football! Anyway, the following morning our delightful Italian family exchanged farewell hugs and kisses with us on the front steps of the Inn and invited us to their home at Lake Como. “Oh, and by the way”, they said, “George Clooney is our neighbor”. Well this meant more to Helen than it did to me – she was already packing her bags!

Although it is unlikely that we shall attract a Meryl Streep or Anthony Hopkins to stay at the inn any day soon, we shall continue to receive interesting visitors from across the globe, from Hampton Hill to Australia, from Dallas to Tokyo. The Inn will continue to offer the same gentle understated environment that has pleased so many of our guests during these last six years. They have felt at home from the moment they entered this magnificent building and sampled our hospitality. All our guests, irrespective of their fame or otherwise, will find the same attention to detail and personal touches. And for those that like to be pampered in a small luxury hotel with a difference, we shall oblige and have fun in the process.


Luxury Hotel Rooms On Sale: 2.5 acres at Cape Cod 100 acre nature reserve.

May 24th, 2013 by Mike Cassels

sweet escapeA stunning historic property, opened as the Sears Hotel circa 1830, is now an upscale luxury hotel in one of the best locations on Cape Cod. Walk to Bay, beach, boardwalk, warm and safe swimming, three great restaurants, museums, nature trails, art galleries, antique store, ice cream parlour, historic Captains Mile, Ed Gorey House……… AND MORE!

You can buy a stay in this 5 star luxury for as little as $230 per night. All prices include a full breakfast, 24/7 coffee & tea, daily home-made cookies, welcome tray of goodies, welcome glass of wine, secure in-room wi-fi highspeed internet, concierge, private parking.

There is a choice of seven luxury rooms and suites, all recently remodelled, each with its own beautiful en-suite bathroom. Some rooms have private decks, fireplaces, bubble massage/double soak tubs/multi jetted showers. You will find 800+ TC egyptian cotton bed linen, crisp triple sheeted pillow top beds, choice of pillows, luxurious oversized bath sheets and Molton Brown amenities. All our rooms have large flat screen TVs, DVD players and ipod docking stations.

Guests can find an interesting book or two in our library, which also has a DVD collection, and plan their Cape and Islands adventures with our visitors orientation maps, guide books and DVDs. They can also relax in comfort in our drawing room. Both this room and the library have cosy fireplaces. In fact we have refurnished the whole Inn with comfort and classic style in mind, using Ethan Allen high-end quality furniture and restored antiques.

Why not spoil yourself and “buy” a few nights at the 5 star luxury Inn At Cape Cod. There is no more beautiful time to come than these glorious Spring days, whether you are reading a book on the Adirondack in the shade of our 300 year old Cottonwood, or exploring the National Seashore.

The Inn At Cape Cod : 5 Star Boutique Hotel Luxury with A Personal Touch

April 15th, 2013 by Mike Cassels

5 star boutique hotel luxury

5 star luxury in the South’s largest Plantation

5 star boutique hotel luxury with a personal touch is our objective for our luxury hotel. We are frequently asked which category of luxury accomodation we believe our property fits best. Well, there is not an easy answer, and to some extent one’s perception is influenced by nationality and of course travel experience. Having spent most of our travels in hotels over the years, and in more recent times, luxury boutique hotels, we tend to be considerably influenced by what they offer their guests in terms of luxury and quality. Only in the USA, have we stayed at upscale inns which are often former mansions, plantations and the like. They all offer bed and breakfast in luxurious surroundings. Some have fine restaurants in the building or very close by. It all adds up to the makings of an exceptionally enjoyable and memorable experience.

The most notable property like this that we have stayed at, is Nottoway, a stunning plantation home, which was an inn many years ago (now a resort), on the banks of the Mississippi in the deep south. Our inn, built in 1820 for one of  New England’s most wealthy and influencial men, Joshua Sears, is a magnificent example of Antibellum architecture, on a much smaller scale, and turns heads on a daily basis.

We are the proud owners of this magnificent luxury inn, and in a modest way have attempted to combine its stately rooms with all the modern  comforts today’s traveller desires. The emphasis on almost every product we choose for our guests is always on quality, style and simplicity from the Egyptian cotton linens and Molton Brown amenities to the Ethan Allen classic furniture and 24/7 availibility of fine teas/coffees. You name it and we will more often than not have spent considerable time in the selection process. Those added personal touches and outstanding service, which we strive to pamper our guests with, are more likely to be found at Cape Cod inns and bed & breakfasts than at the hotels and resorts. We are no exception, and like most innkeepers, we provide an unlimited concierge service.

As for Nottoway, we can only dream…… though we do have a fine restaurant which is just the other side of our gardens. The Inn At Cape Cod is also in an area of outstanding natural beauty. There is style and graceful elegance in both properties too  (ours comes a humble second!). We have even named our best accomodation The Plantation Suite – its 30 ft private balcony is set between the inn’s soaring white columns and looks out onto the magnificent trees in the grounds. To cap it all, amongst the artwork in the suite, there are large colour prints of various plantation homes and of course pride of place over the mantelpiece goes to Nottoway.

Returning to my opening point, the category of our accomodation, we believe it is close to an English Country House Hotel, taking everything into consideration. On this side of The Pond, if this makes no sense to you, we cannot decide, but then we are aliens after all……… legal aliens having fun in this wonderful country.