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Inn at Cape Cod

Cape Cod luxury boutique hotel in tranquil oasis of oustanding natural beauty

cape cod luxury boutique hotel

Inn with the new. No Victoriana in sight!


A shame to remodel this one circa 1970

Our Cape Cod luxury boutique hotel creates a luxury yet understated environment in which our guests can find tranquility and privacy, yet be assured that our discreet personal attention to their needs is always close at hand. We do not have the “clutter” on table tops, lace curtains, golden cupids or ageing nylon flowers that adorned our Inn when we bought it almost seven years ago. All the Victoriana and ornateness in general have long since been banished.

The oppressively dark and damp rooms, full of sadly neglected antiques and artwork, now have a light and airy feel to them. The program of upgrading this magnificent and graceful building has been long and hard, yet richly rewarding for its owners. We and others who saw the challenge that confronted us in October 2006, can still remember back to the early days and weeks. Helen and I were overwhelmed at times – several times a day in fact – but the excitement of being in the USA and owning one of the most eye-catchingly beautiful buildings on Cape Cod, kept us going throughout. Doubts? Yes, we had them fairly frequently, but there was after all, only one direction we could go with the property, and that was upwards.


The Best Suite 2005

Those sad antiques have been professionally restored by the way, those at least that were worth the trouble. Besides, most pieces were far too somber and Victorian to have any place in our plans for the reborn Inn At Cape Cod. We soon found the answer to our quest for upscale, classic and stylish furniture and accessories…….. Ethan Allen. We have also sourced some contemporary pieces from Peach Tree Designs of Naples, Crate & Barrel and Pottery Barn. Our emphasis on the design of the Inn’s interior has always been on classic simplicity and comfort. We have endeavored to create a very relaxing but stylish ambience, never compromising on comfort and quality. If one is not careful, some popular contemporary pieces of furniture cross the line that sometimes exists between comfort and style ie style for style’s sake.

We believe that the grand southern plantation architecture of this great building both inside and out, helps to create a unique Cape Cod luxury boutique hotel. No website can convey the very special feel of the Inn, or so many guests tell us.

cape cod luxury boutique hotel

Best Suite 2013

As for the exterior, the work there has been extensive. From the brick paved terrace for summer breakfasts to the new deck furniture including a swing seat, from the garden benches and Adirondacks to the candle lanterns that glow so warmly around the property. New landscaping and a subtle color change for the exterior of the building have also been done.

We have not been able to change the location of The Inn At Cape Cod, but then who in their right mind would want to. Mid Cape, Cape Cod Bay, Old Kings Highway and little Yarmouth Port all add up to an enviable location. We must also mention the nature reserve that our landscaped 2.5 acres back onto, our close proximity to The Bay and Grays Boardwalk, Dennis Pond and beach, and three of the finest restaurants on The Cape. Museums, art galleries and antique stores are a short stroll from our Cape Cod luxury boutique hotel. We are only ten minutes from the Island ferries, airport and whale watching excursions, and in a fantastic central location for most of the main attractions.


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One Response to “Cape Cod luxury boutique hotel in tranquil oasis of oustanding natural beauty”

  1. Pat McCauley says:

    Having stayed with you I can attest that you do indeed have a modern/historic Inn that makes one feel pampered and cared for but most importantly comfortable!

    Will return one day soon, this time for pleasure and with my husband.

    Having now seen some of the before photos, I am truly amazed at what you have done!