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5 Star luxury Cape Cod Inn; 2 days without car to discover Cape treasures

August 4th, 2013 by Mike Cassels

5 star luxury cape cod inn

In a hurry to check into The Inn At Cape Cod circa 1830, Our first TA review followed.


A stay at our 5 star luxury Cape Cod Inn will reveal the treasures of charmingly understated Yarmouth Port and more. If you are looking to relax and have a day or two without the car, this may be the location for you. Whether you’re chilling out and recharging  your battery in between more adventurous days on The Islands and National Seashore, or taking an interesting and relaxing couple of days away from the “rat race”, whatever the plan, our fantastic location is ideal.

As well as having an incredibly helpful and comprehensive area guide to help guests, on our website, and educational DVDs available once they arrive, we have an orientation corner of the library comprising a large map for planning with for example, detailed analysis of the Island travel options. Pride of place is afforded to the many attractions in our seaside village.

Whilst most of our arrivals, who have not been to the area before, are focused on day trips to The Islands, Provincetown etc., with our help it does not take long for most to devote some time to enjoying their immediate surroundings. There is certainly a cache about the community in which we live, but we direct our guests to the many attractions which they might otherwise miss. So what exactly are we so proud of, that is within comfortable walking distance from our Inn  :

– Grays Beach & Boardwalk & Town boat ramp: 1.75 miles

– Old Wharf on the Bay: 0.8 mile

– Dennis Pond and Beach: 0.3 mile

– Historical Society’s Nature and Wild Life Reserve: adjoining Inn At Cape Cod’s gardens: 0.1 mile

5 star luxury cape cod inn

Explore the Ed Gorey Museum. A unique and daring insight to the great man’s work. Another YP treasure to feast your eyes upon

– The Edward Gorey House and Museum: 0.1 mile

– Captain Bangs Hallet’s House and Museum: 0.1 mile

– Captains Mile: 50 sea captains houses dating back to 17th Century: 0.0 mile

– The Fresh Paint Art Gallery: exhibits of six prominent artists: 0.1 mile

– Design Works antiques: 0.1 mile

Hallets Ice cream Parlor and museum: 0.1 mile

Barn & Co.: women’s apparel and accessories: 0.2 mile

– Gorham Cobblers Shoppe: 0.1 mile

– Kelley’s Chapel: 0.1 mile

Parnassus Old Book Store: 0.1 mile

– The Old Yarmouth Inn and Tavern c. 1697: 0.1 mile

– The Lyric Restaurant: 0.5 mile

– The Inaho Japanese Restaurant: 0.1 mile

……………………….and the list goes on!

I guess that even with this amazing list of attractions and things to do, I still cannot convey to you how wonderful this little place is. The feel of the place, its beauty, its history, its warmth…..well you will just have to see for yourself. At the same time, just take a look at us. The iconic building of which we are now proud owners, has been a corner stone of this New England community for nearly two centuries, becoming a hotel in 1830. The weary stage coach travelers were easily pleased and had very basic expectations as far as comfort was concerned. Amazingly, they managed to survive without TripAdvisor in those days…..hard to believe isn’t it?! So would The Inn At Cape Cod as it was in 1830, have been considered a 5 Star luxury Cape Cod Inn of the stage coach era?






More Good Reasons To Make Yarmouth Port The Base For Your Cape Cod Adventure

June 10th, 2012 by Mike Cassels


We are very grateful once again, to the artists of Fresh Paint Gallery here in the charming village of Yarmouth Port, for allowing us to exhibit some of their paintings in our breakfast room this season. Our guests can admire the works of five prominent local artists, including Claire Marcus, Robert Mesrop, Selma Alden, Ann O’Connell and Julie Blanchard.

Many of our guests spend some time in the Fresh Paint Gallery, which is just a short stroll from our inn. This is one of the leading art galleries on Cape Cod, with exhibits on two floors in oil, acrylic, pastel and mixed media. It is certainly worth a visit, and is one of several interesting attractions in the village.

Come rain or shine, there is plenty for visitors to enjoy, from the 48 historic Sea Captains Houses and two museums to the breathtaking natural beauty of  Cape Cod Bay seen from our boardwalk or from the old Wharf, which are both  a nature lovers paradise.

So the formula for an enjoyable and relaxing few days is irresistable; why not add yourself to the growing number of people who share this view, having sampled the delights of historic Yarmouth Port. There are some great B and Bs in the village, and you never know…….. perhaps we can even tempt you to stay with us!




Cape Cod’s First Annual Yarmouth Golf Festival

March 10th, 2012 by Mike Cassels

Canon Powershot G7 reviewAs you may know, Cape Cod is second only to Myrtle Beach in the number of golf courses, so we are very excited to promote Cape Cod’s First Annual Yarmouth Golf Festival, to be held April 19 – 22, 2012. Participants get to play at and enjoy all the Yarmouth Courses: Bass River Golf CourseBayberry Hills,   Blue Rock  and The Golf Club at Yarmouth Port. If you play them all over the event and present your score cards you will be entered into the Grand Prize Draw to win Yarmouth’s Ultimate Golf Experience!

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Festive Season Delights In Cape Cod’s Historic District

November 15th, 2011 by Mike Cassels

Historic Christmas Stroll On Cape CodThere can be few areas of the western world that can rival the beauty and animated landscape of Cape Cod Bay during the Festive Season. Mile upon mile of historic pastel colored clapboard compliments the stunning natural beauty and gently lapping waters of  this thirty mile long conservation area. Residents proudly adorn their homes and businesses with wreaths, candles and fairy lights, creating a warming and spectacular drive along Route 6A.

Well the good news is that you can come and share this occasion, staying at one of the fine historic bed and breakfasts in the heart of this winter wonderland. Many are currently offering value added Festive Packages, ourselves included, at affordable prices that will not disappoint.

We are hoping that your research may lead you irresistibly to Yarmouth Port. Our historic sea-side village, which has many hidden treasures to offer you such as its museums, art galleries and fifty or so sea-captain’s houses, also boasts three of the Cape’s best restaurants, each one offering a different style of cuisine.

A stroll along the local romantic Grays beach and boardwalk, especially to witness the sunset, can of course sharpen the appetite in more ways than one. However, if you are looking for a bit of festive fun, the Yarmouth Christmas Stroll set for December 4th is an event not to be missed, followed by the lighting of the Christmas Tree on the Village Green.

Before you bid your sad farewell, why not spend some time looking for unique Christmas gifts. Our own favorite gift shop is Peach Tree Designs, a five minute walk from our Inn. It never fails to inspire one’s imagination. And if you have time on your way off the Cape, visit Mashpee Commons shopping village, where you’ll find some interesting gift shops.

Yarmouth Port Wharf

July 29th, 2009 by cassels

The old wharf at Yarmouth Port has very little remaining of it’s original structure, and it is believed to have been rebuilt, at least in part, on more than one occasion in the past 300 years.

Now, when standing at the site of the old wharf, it is difficult to imagine that this was the main arterial supply route for the Cape before the arrival of the railroad. Indeed the packet ships and the local merchants’ horse drawn wagons would have made for a very bustling scene in the 17th and early 18th centuries, a very stark contrast to today’s tranquil beauty. The waterways have long since silted up, producing a lush green landscape to contrast with the blue waters that now gently lap against the shore. On a sunny day in spring or fall, a vivid blue sky completes this canvas of natural unspoilt beauty. There is, needless to say, an abundance of wildlife on view.

Helen and I are indeed fortunate to have this wonderful setting a mere ten minutes walk from our inn on Summer Street. Our guests can also enjoy a 2 mile walk, which takes them on from the wharf across the narrow bridge onto Keveney Lane, looking across to wonderful views of Cape Cod Bay. Making their way back along the historic Kings Highway to complete the circuit, our visitors often stop at Hallets for a much needed homemade ice cream or frappe……..Yummy!!

Once refreshed, one can round off this envigourating jaunt with a visit to the former house of Captain Bangs Hallet-name ring a bell? – on the village green, just past the Post Office which deserves a quick visit, in the historic context of this walk. Immediately on entering the Post Office, above the P.O.Boxes, there is a wonderful painting depicting Yarmouth Port in the 1800’s, with our inn, The Inn at Cape Cod, in the foreground.

Bed and Breakfast In Cape Cod: Winslow Crocker House

February 16th, 2009 by cassels

If you enjoy antiques, take the trip to the Winslow Crocker House, within walking distance from our Bed and breakfast Cape Cod.

The Winslow Crocker House was moved to its present location in Yarmouth Port, MA, in 1936 by antique collector and preservationist, Miss Mary Thacher. Miss Thacher used the house as a backdrop to her collection of colonial furniture, hooked rugs, pewter, ceramics andwinslowcrockerhouse other decorative arts. She and her family have a rich history here in Cape Cod which we have discussed in earlier blog posts.

Throughout the two-story house you will find  fine architectural detail. Built around 1780, it was obviously constructed by a fine craftsman and is an important historic building along with our own Cape Cod bed and breakfast.
There are few ropes or barriers which separate the viewer from the antiques throughout the home. Miss Thatcher’s collection covers all periods of American furniture, with pieces dating from the early 1680’s to the middle of the 18th century.

As a lover of antiques, this house presented a rare opportunity to get “up close and personal” with a fine collection of American antiques.

The home is open June 1 through October 15 every first and third Saturday with tours between 11 a.m. and 5 p.m. We hope you will come and enjoy this place and other Yarmouth Port history while staying at our Cape Cod Bed Breakfast.

Within Walking Distance: Cape Cod Bed Breakfast

January 5th, 2009 by cassels

Our peninsula is small, so you don’t have to go far to have a good time!

A fun activity in the Yarmouth Port area is Captain Bangs Hallet House Museum. The home is over 150 years old, and belonged to the sea Captain Bangs.

The house is full of historic relics: samples of the wares of freight carried by the captain, a few great and historic marine paintings, ship models, and other miscellaneous historical artifacts.

Captain Bangs Hallet House museum is only a half mile from our Bed and Breakfast Cape Cod.

There is a nice little nature trail around the house. Basically the nature trail is a large loop around one of our common kettle ponds. The trail runs close to the Cape Cod scenic railroad, so you might catch a glimpse of the tourist train! The train tracks run down the left side of the pond trails.

There is a nature handout at the trail head. You can also leave a small donation here, if you are so inclined. The handout consists of some of the interesting flora on the trails. Dogs are welcome if leashed, and we ran into a few very friendly dogs while strolling the grounds.

While you are staying at our Bed and Breakfast in Cape Cod, you should also check out the Nature trails along Route 6A just before the Post Office. Along these meandering routes, open year round from sunrise to dusk, you can see an old chapel built by the Quaker Society in the late 19th Century, called Kelly Chapel. Also on this path is the Tufts Gatehouse. Inside the Gatehouse is an 18th century loom that still works and is used for demonstrations in the summer.
Cape Cod has a deep and diverse history
Along with interesting buildings, these nature trails, maintained by the Historical Society of Old Yarmouth, traverse through the first golf course on Cape Cod!
Built in 1890 as a private gold course for the Thacher family, it was used for several
decades before the natural vegetation was allowed to reclaim the land. As you walk, look carefully, and you can still see the remains of the landscaping.

Just some small suggestions from the innkeeper of the Massachusetts Bed Breakfasts, Inn at Cape Cod. See you soon!