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Inn at Cape Cod

5 Star luxury Cape Cod Inn; 2 days without car to discover Cape treasures

5 star luxury cape cod inn

In a hurry to check into The Inn At Cape Cod circa 1830, Our first TA review followed.


A stay at our 5 star luxury Cape Cod Inn will reveal the treasures of charmingly understated Yarmouth Port and more. If you are looking to relax and have a day or two without the car, this may be the location for you. Whether you’re chilling out and recharging  your battery in between more adventurous days on The Islands and National Seashore, or taking an interesting and relaxing couple of days away from the “rat race”, whatever the plan, our fantastic location is ideal.

As well as having an incredibly helpful and comprehensive area guide to help guests, on our website, and educational DVDs available once they arrive, we have an orientation corner of the library comprising a large map for planning with for example, detailed analysis of the Island travel options. Pride of place is afforded to the many attractions in our seaside village.

Whilst most of our arrivals, who have not been to the area before, are focused on day trips to The Islands, Provincetown etc., with our help it does not take long for most to devote some time to enjoying their immediate surroundings. There is certainly a cache about the community in which we live, but we direct our guests to the many attractions which they might otherwise miss. So what exactly are we so proud of, that is within comfortable walking distance from our Inn  :

– Grays Beach & Boardwalk & Town boat ramp: 1.75 miles

– Old Wharf on the Bay: 0.8 mile

– Dennis Pond and Beach: 0.3 mile

– Historical Society’s Nature and Wild Life Reserve: adjoining Inn At Cape Cod’s gardens: 0.1 mile

5 star luxury cape cod inn

Explore the Ed Gorey Museum. A unique and daring insight to the great man’s work. Another YP treasure to feast your eyes upon

– The Edward Gorey House and Museum: 0.1 mile

– Captain Bangs Hallet’s House and Museum: 0.1 mile

– Captains Mile: 50 sea captains houses dating back to 17th Century: 0.0 mile

– The Fresh Paint Art Gallery: exhibits of six prominent artists: 0.1 mile

– Design Works antiques: 0.1 mile

Hallets Ice cream Parlor and museum: 0.1 mile

Barn & Co.: women’s apparel and accessories: 0.2 mile

– Gorham Cobblers Shoppe: 0.1 mile

– Kelley’s Chapel: 0.1 mile

Parnassus Old Book Store: 0.1 mile

– The Old Yarmouth Inn and Tavern c. 1697: 0.1 mile

– The Lyric Restaurant: 0.5 mile

– The Inaho Japanese Restaurant: 0.1 mile

……………………….and the list goes on!

I guess that even with this amazing list of attractions and things to do, I still cannot convey to you how wonderful this little place is. The feel of the place, its beauty, its history, its warmth…..well you will just have to see for yourself. At the same time, just take a look at us. The iconic building of which we are now proud owners, has been a corner stone of this New England community for nearly two centuries, becoming a hotel in 1830. The weary stage coach travelers were easily pleased and had very basic expectations as far as comfort was concerned. Amazingly, they managed to survive without TripAdvisor in those days…..hard to believe isn’t it?! So would The Inn At Cape Cod as it was in 1830, have been considered a 5 Star luxury Cape Cod Inn of the stage coach era?






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