A five minute walk to Cape Cod's Edward Gorey House....hippity wippity!

Yes, just 5 minutes! That is all it takes to stroll from The Inn At Cape Cod to The Edward Gorey House, which is nestled
in the far corner of Yarmouth Port’s Village Green. However, if you are like we were prior to our first visit, I bet you have no idea what lies in
store for you once you are inside the museum for the first time. The news of its seasonal reopening on April 11th is, for those of us already enlightened,
greeted with glee-full cries of “yippity wippity”!

Arriving as uneducated aliens from southern Europe in 2006, we had no idea about running an inn, and were apprehensive about many things. The appeal of
living and working in the US was a given for us. We needed no more than that for the driving force  it had taken for us to complete the process
from 3,000 miles away.

The stark realisation of what we were taking on was tempered with the thrill of having made it at long last, despite all the hoops we had to jump through
(backwards) during the drawn out process. We were overwhelmed by the challenge ahead, but the excitement is something that has never left us to this

Discovering the wealth of riches of dreamy little Yarmouth Port was one of our greatest rewards back in 2006. The warmth of our welcome from the local
community was touching and never greater than Rick’s, The Gorey House curator. The House, under his imaginative stewardship, brings visitors and enthusiasts
from all corners of the globe. Take a look at this year’s exhibit of Edward Gorey’s contribution to Nonsense Literature.

The Edward Gorey House is a must see for any visitor…..but be warned: your first visit may not be your last! 

P.S. If you are searching for that elusive original gift, try The House Gift Shop.



Posted (17-Mar-2019)

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