"If it aint green it's Haint Blue". Evil spirits beware Inn At Cape Cod's Georgia influence.

It’s not a lot to show for all the endeavor this close season, but we got the greatest kick of all from our new Savannah inspired Haint Blue flush ceiling in the elegant porch area of this magnificent building. It’s authentic to both the period and the deep south Ante Bellum architecture of The Inn.

Quite apart from the authenticity, it’s a bit of fun and goodness knows we all need a break from the more serious daily goings on at the moment. It is also some tongue in cheek mischief on our part. Let me explain.

The idea or superstition behind the grand Haint Blue porch ceilings was that they would prevent evil spirits from entering inside. Presumably these undesirables would never attempt safe passage via a kitchen door say. Our new Haint Blue ceiling may yet have its benefits¬† for two alien innkeepers, but none that we dare mention here…..naughty thoughts!

Joking aside, we think it’s cool.

We were not able to fully finish new light fixtures and central fan for the new ceiling in time for the 2019 Season due to the unusually wet and cool Spring. Painting had been optimistically scheduled to start outside during March. Our painter wasn’t able to finish our house exterior until July. However that feeling of pride we have about The Inn has grown as the remodeling inside and out has meant more success for our business as each year passes. Come to stay and be part of our adventure!

Posted (14-Jul-2019)

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