The Kennedy Family's Legacy to Cape Cod and Beyond

Living across “the Pond” as we have, both in England and southern Europe, and being young children on that tragic day in Dallas November 22nd 1963, we, like so many millions of people around the Globe, not only shared Americans’ deep sense of loss but have also followed the lives of the Kennedys ever since. We still count ourselves among their many admirers five decades later, now living here on Cape Cod, where their family compound is, and arguably, their biggest ties remain.

It would be difficult to visit Cape Cod Mass. and be unaware of the Kennedy connection. We have several black and white photos of Jack, Bobby and Teddy in happy and or powerful times. There is one of the family taken at the circle in the compound in Hyannisport. The boys are much younger in that one. Helen and I are enormously proud to have put these in pride of place in our Inn’s library.

Please take the time to visit The Kennedy Museum in Hyannis Main Street, with its impressive statue of JFK in
front of the building, we tell our guests from overseas. There is also The JFK Memorial overlooking the Harbor in Ocean Street. But perhaps most striking of all is a visit to JFK’s inspiration he left preserved for all to enjoy: The National Seashore. You cannot be but moved by the beauty of each sea and landscape in any season. The coming together of some of nature’s wildest elements, the enormity of the horizon at Marconi and the feeling of solitude
is stunning, a reminder of how small we are. We cannot visit without sparing a thought of gratitude for one of the greatest visionaries of modern times, JFK.

We believe that should our guests be travelling to Boston, maybe Logan Airport on their last day, they should be aware of two further Kennedy legacies, which are easy to visit without going much out of the way. The JFK Library and Edward Kennedy Institute for The United States Senate are next door to each other overlooking the striking
Boston Harbor skyline (stunning at night time). They are both “must-sees” and are remarkable, powerful and awe-inspiring legacies for all to embrace – you do not have to be American!

As a foot note, Helen and I were invited to a cocktail party and fund raiser at the iconic The Kennedy Compound on a warm summer evening during 2017. Teddy Kennedy Jnr. and his lovely wife Kiki were our warm and generous hosts. A number of guests, including ourselves, were treated to an enthralling and intimate tour of The Compound led by Teddy, as a finale to the soiree. This was a spectacular moment for perhaps the only two aliens there!!

We are often asked whether any of The Kennedy Family have stayed at The Inn. We of course never divulge personal and private details of anyone who has stayed.



Posted (08-Dec-2017)

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