We made it! It is Springtime on Cape Cod, the Perfect Time to visit

Spring is my favourite time of year here at The Inn At Cape Cod. We are indeed blessed to be living amidst such stunning landscapes. Everyone looks forward
to the Summer for sure, but the three months beforehand promise those beautiful Cape days of spendid colour washed vistas set beneath clear blue skies,
and of course against the endless white sandy beaches with ocean beyond.

There are other clear advantages to a visit in those coming weeks, not least that you will avoid a great deal of the road traffic, be able to find parking
at the big attractions, and avoid lines of people at the kiosks and on The Islands. That humidity we all come to expect, occurs during July and August
typically, and the Spring air is fresh and clear enough to maximise those breath-taking panoramic views from Fort Hill, Marconi and The Pilgrim Tower to name but a few.

Twelve seasons here in our, what is now, a beautiful boutique hotel, with a great international reputation to match, we feel so proud to be able to share
such a unique bed and breakfast experience with both new and returning guests. We can promise you that we and our staff will be on hand to attend to
your every need, should you need us. We try very hard to create a balance where we recognise the need for discretion and your privacy at all times,
without appearing unfriendly. 

Twelve seasons on, and we still often pinch ourselves when we pull into the Inn’s driveway. It just has that stunning and imposing presence that turns
heads. Of course we get a great kick out of the interest it provokes in passers-by, who often stop to take photos. Few of them have the opportunity
to stay, but perhaps you might one day soon. We hope you come to enjoy Cape Cod now that Spring is here!    


Posted (09-Apr-2019)

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