Hotel Luxury Bathrooms - How to find Cape Cod's best.

Hotel Luxury Bathrooms – How to find Cape Cod’s best

Well, I guess that can be daunting, but one simple clue will help. It is reasonable to rule out the hotels, inns and bnbs that at most, offer their prospective guests a mere glimpse of the uninspiring bathroom they can expect upon check-in. On a lot of properties there are no photos of the bathrooms at all. To many buyers, that could be an immediate turn off, a clear indication that there are no luxury bathrooms.

On the other hand, if you want to find Hotel Luxury Bathrooms, like The Inn At Cape Cod, photos are the key. We have invested enormously in the thoughtful design and creation of our luxury bathrooms, and proudly flaunt them with tempting photos at every opportunity!

The Inn At Cape Cod’s luxury bathrooms are not just a status symbol.

Spanking new luxury bathrooms have long been one of Inn At Cape Cod’s trademarks. But not just beautifully designed making use of every last square inch, but also offering every luxury possible. Simply stunning . Great effort goes into keeping all of them pristine and squeaky clean, but it is rewarding.

Our long but rewarding journey.

We completely understand why an inn/hotel is not showing photos of its bathrooms like we do. Sixteen years ago when we bought our property, we were in the same boat. All the bathrooms were absolutely awful and some were tiny affairs. All were 30 ish years old and squalid. Even the photos cannot convey the enormity of the challenge and investment that lay ahead.

Well-appointed luxury bathrooms are hard to find

Nothing has been spared in the creation of all our luxury bathrooms. We have thrown everything we could at the challenge and have not compromised on quality. We have used Kohler products throughout. All but one of our bathrooms are now larger than they were, allowing us to design custom oversized showers, each with a choice of shower heads, rain or variable or both on at the same time – #8 even has body jets – and in some cases double soak tubs as well.

King Studio Suite #10 carries on our tradition perfectly!

Some of our bathrooms have an additional vanity area for make-up, once again using any spare room for an additional luxury item.

Queen Suite #9 has a magnificent bathroom which is 4 times the size it was when we purchased the Inn.  The old room had a tiny fibreglass shower enclosure and you had to squeeze around a small wash basin to access the toilet. The door opened into the room against the shower. Now, it is all hard to imagine. The sparkling bathroom in its place is spacious and equipped with a double tub, an over sized walk-in shower and large vanity.

Some nice touches are fun to add

The sliding pocket door has been an essential component of getting the most from the space available, and we have used these to good effect in 8 out of 10 of our luxury bathrooms.

We have had the odd inspired moment in designing and realising all these luxury bathrooms. A good example is the sunrise window we placed in #8’s shower and the sunset window in #4’s shower.

Every picture tells a story and then some! The journey has been tough at times but oh so rewarding. Never more so than when we hear the superlatives from our guests. We do spare a thought for some of our competitors on Cape Cod, who do not have the luxury of our bathroom photos for marketing purposes, but instead have no luxury bathrooms for their guests! Buyer beware?


Posted (03-Jul-2023)

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