Truly Pampered At Inn At Cape Cod


Its always nice to get a mention for all that we do to ensure our guests get well looked after during their stay with us. The travel media is often the most worthy source. So there we are in good company in the 2019 Cape Cod Travel Guide in an article, “Pampered Getaways on The Cape and Islands” by Rebecca Treon. Not bad even if we do say so ourselves, seeing there are over 500 commercial lodging places.
We have the proverbial “unfair advantage” in marketing terms given our property’s stunning looks inside and out, its fabulous location and distinguished place in The Cape’s history. It would have been difficult not to make a success out of all we have going for us.

Helen and I look upon ourselves as British first, but as European a close second. In all that we have put together to meet, and often surpass, the expectations of guests at the luxury end of the market, detail, understatement and discretion have been uppermost in our thoughts, and being from across “The Pond” has helped us in this respect.

Thank you Rebecca for noticing us!


Posted (08-Jul-2019)

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