We are well located with quick access to diverse beach and water types

Broadly speaking, Cape Cod has 4 beach/swimming types. The chances are that one or more of these will please most visitors to The Cape. The Inn At Cape Cod is very close to three of these, taking advantage of the shortest distance between the northern and southern coastlines on Cape Cod. This opens up a vast choice of ocean beaches 15 to 20 minutes from the Inn in addition to the Bay beaches. Dennis Pond, a freshwater beach, is 5 minutes walk away.

Our guests often ask what is our favorite beach, or indeed the best place for a swim before breakfast. Europeans in particular, are accustomed to beach bars, restaurants and chairs etc for hire. Wait a minute! What do you mean there is no food or cool drinks!? Is this the USA or not?!

The 4 types of beaches are:

Cape Cod Bay offers calm warmer water. The beaches are gently sloping the tide goes out a long way. We are 5 minutes from Grays and 10 from Chapins, Mayflower and Corporation beaches.

Nantucket Sound on the southern coast has glorious long beaches, some surf and large car parks. From the Bay where we are, it is only 12 minutes to our favorite Kalmus Beach, where there is always a breeze, facilities, and you can walk for miles. It has the added bonus of being close to good seafood and bars at the harbor.

National Seashore’s Nauset Beach is 25 minutes by car and is one of the top beaches in the USA. JFK designated the rugged eastern coastline of Cape Cod a National Park. The coast is magnificent throughout and is characterised by huge sandy beaches, crashing surf but cooler water, sand dunes, seals and always the chance of catching a glimpse of a whale breaching in the distance.

Freshwater lakes known as ponds on The Cape, typically offer a much warmer dip in clean clear water. Dennis Pond is one of the best. It has a sandy beach, beautiful views and facilities. Just 5 minutes stroll for our guests, it is always popular and perfect for that pre breakfast swim.

By the way, don’t worry about beach chairs and towels. We are pleased to provide these for you. We even have coolers for your drinks and food.

Posted (28-Jun-2023)

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